Coffee Table Decoration

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Photo 06-10-2013 16 55 32Welcome to the first of my home decor posts, these are my favourite posts to read, so I hope you enjoy this one!

Here’s a little one to begin with, just to show you how I’ve decorated our coffee table. These cute little candle holders come in 3 different sizes: 7cm, 9cm and 12cm and are from Cargo Home Shop, and range from just £3-£6, which is a bargain. The actual candles are just a mix of Ikea tea lights.Photo 06-10-2013 16 55 42I like quite a minimalistic coffee table, but it’s nice to mix it up a little with some mis-matched coasters. I like to have a lot of coasters around, because we always end up with glasses all over the house, and I do do a bit of a Monica from Friends if there’s not one nearby for my glass! The one on the left I bought years ago (I think from Wilkinsons) it’s a coaster that allows you to put your own photo in, it came within a pack of 4 and I seem to remember that they were fairly cheap. I think it adds a nice touch, I love having photos around me, so this was perfect!
The ‘I Don’t Do Mornings’ one was a present – hilarious, (?!) but very true. Mornings are my weakness.Photo 06-10-2013 16 55 52And of course there’s a little pile of magazines. Most of them are home magazines, i.e. John Lewis/Tesco Home etc, but then there are a couple of girlie magazines on top for the odd occasion that I might decide to flick through them again…Photo 06-10-2013 17 13 29Lastly, here is our coffee table in it’s full glory. It’s from, and was for a really good price at just £149. Lots of people think it slides together, but it’s actually fixed like this, (this was one of the only pieces of furniture that I actually put together all by myself..!) We really like it because its got lots of little cubby-hole type sections, which you can put plenty of other bits and pieces in if you need to, and I think it’s the perfect table for our space.


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