My Jewellery Storage

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2013-10-14 15.04.00Ok, I’ll admit it, I have a lot of jewellery…This post is just to show how I store it all, and how I make the storage work for me. There’s lots of pictures so bear with it…

1. So first off this is my jewellery box. This holds what I would call my ‘nice’ jewellery, the fancy stuff that you get as gifts as opposed to stuff you buy in Topshop or Primark! It’s part of the Stackers range, which allows you to add layers if your collection expands. Lots of places sell them, but I got mine from John Lewis.2013-10-14 15.06.02The top piece has lots of different sections, which is really useful for making sure things don’t get all tangled up.2013-10-14 15.08.33This is the bottom piece, I chose the deep three-section piece, which holds bigger bits such as watches, pots, boxes etc. The two sections just slot one on top of the other, and you can add or remove layers as your jewellery collection changes.2013-10-14 15.11.04
2013-10-14 15.11.212. Moving on to the more everyday jewellery, this is a little heart-shaped dish I got from Cargo Home Shop, for the minuscule sum of just £2. (It doesn’t seem to be listed online anymore, but they’re still on sale in the shop). I keep statement rings in here so I can just grab them in the morning before I leave the house.Jewellery Collage Cropped
2013-10-14 15.12.11
2013-10-14 15.14.043 & 4. The little jewellery stand holds all my bangles and shorter necklaces, it was from a cute little home shop in Bournemouth a number of years ago.
The big heart hanger was a gift from a friend a few years ago, I believe it was from The Range, it’s really useful for all the long necklaces that are always a pain to find homes for.
So there we go, that’s the full extent of my jewellery collection and how I store it. How do you store yours?


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