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Commuting Essentials 1 edited.27 copyHaving been a commuter for about a year now, I soon realised that there are certain things that you should always have on you incase of a tube-germ emergency. (It’s a real thing, honest..)

The following 12 items I always carry with me, some are more necessary than others, but all have proved useful on more than one occasion.Commuting Essentials 2 edited numbered1. Antibacterial hand gel.
Whether you’re a commuter or not, you will probably have some knowledge of how gross the tubes are, and when they’re packed, you have to hold on to the rail, which grosses me out on a daily basis. Bleurgh. I usually just wash my hands once I get to work, but if you’re heading somewhere where you might not have access to a bathroom then this little gem will certainly make you feel a little less yuck/covered in tube germs. This particular one is Soap and Glory from Boots.

2. Lip Balm.
Lets be honest, we all carry a lip balm with us whether we’re commuting or not, but I find that my lips get particularly dry being on a train so I’m lost without this little one. This one is aloe vera, and I’m pretty sure you can get it in most health stores.

3. Cleansing Wipes.
These are basically an alternative to the hand gel, or say if you’re eating your breakfast on the train and you’re covered in croissant crumbs and butter, then face wipes will get you out of any sticky situation. (See what I did there…)

4. Umbrella…Ella, ella, eh, eh…
Usually if you’re getting the train there’s going to be a journey to and from the station at either end. We all know what an umbrella does, so y’know, when it rains, you’re covered. (God I’ve got all the puns today).Commuting Essentials 3 edited numbered 5. iPhone.
Train journeys are pretty boring on the whole, and as we all know there are plenty of apps and games you can download to entertain yourself. My favourite at the moment is Solitaire. Seriously addicted.

6. Paracetamol.
This one’s not so much a commuting essential, but just a general essential. Although, smelly people, people talking loudly on their phones and people listening to music which is far too loud for their headphones are enough to give anyone a headache.

7. Tissues.
Again, more of a general essential, but always useful incase there’s something gross on the only seat left in the carriage? Yuck.Commuting Essentials 4 edited numbered8. Headphones.
To be paired with number 5. The iPhone (obviously). These are good for drowning out annoying people, and altogether making the journey a little bit more entertaining.

9. Season Ticket/Oyster card.
Bit of an obvious one here…

10. Kindle.
I cannot live without my Kindle on train journeys now. I read it in the mornings to wake me up a bit. It’s so handy, small and light it would fit in almost any bag. Definitely my top recommendation for commuters, especially if your journey time is fairly long. At the moment I’m reading The Mortal Instruments.

11. Compact Mirror.
Another item which is handy in any situation, but especially if you’re on a train, a quick face check before you get off is worth doing, y’know in case you’ve got tube germs on your face or something…maybe?

12. Body Spray.
I don’t know about you but personally I don’t want to lug around a whole perfume, so I carry a body spray around incase either someone sweats on me, or I sweat on myself. Both gross, but both true as the underground is friggin’ boiling, especially in the summer months. Bleurgh.

So there we go, 12 items which I always carry around with me to help with the cons of commuting.

What are the commuting essentials that you can’t live without?


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