My Vampire Halloween Look

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Vampire Halloween CroppedBOO!
So we had a Halloween themed dress up day at work today and I decided to go as a vampire. Bought myself some fake blood, red contact lenses and a cape and I was good to go.

I decided I wanted to do a proper make-up look and followed Nicole Guerriero’s She Devil meets Vamp video. I love Nicole’s videos, she is AMAZING at make up, and so funny aswell. Her channel was the first one I ever subscribed to, and was the reason I started watching You Tube make up tutorials.
The photo on the left is my practice run a couple of days ago where I followed Nicole’s video as I went. The second is a selfie I took at work to pop on Instagram, and the third one is one of the ‘official’ work photos, (everyone had their photo taken which was later made into a collage for our Facebook page and Instagram).
I really enjoyed doing a make up look as I’ve never really sat down and properly followed a video step by step before to get the exact look, but it’s actually really fun.
Obviously mine doesn’t look quite as good as Nicole, but I’m really pleased with what I managed!

Have you ever re-created a look from a tutorial?


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