Oh so Pinteresting…

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So I’m somewhat of a Pinterest advocate to say the least…I really wanted to do a Pinterest post, as I spend half my time on there, and I take a lot of inspiration from it, whether it be ideas for our flat, blog ideas, or just browsing through random funny anecdotes.

It’s one of those things that I go through phases with, sometimes I’m looking at home decor for a week, then I’m looking at hairstyles for a couple of days, then I’ll start looking through all the amazing fashion. There’s no end to what you can browse through basically, and I’m pretty much addicted.
Click on the image above if you want to have a look at my Pinterest page. ^^
Below are my Home Decor and Fashion boards, these are my favourite categories to browse at the moment.
So thats my Pinterest addiction for you all to see…I seriously recommend signing up to Pinterest if you haven’t already, and especially if you’re a blogger, there’s so much inspiration.

Have you got a Pinterest page? What are your favourite categories to browse?

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