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1. Christmas decs from Libertys. 2. Wine and some samples from Ryvita. 3. Snow dog in his Innocent hat. 4. Lady Million perfume. 5. Chilling with the celebs… 6. Throwback Thursday – Carnage, 3rd year. 7. Channel 4 Upfronts. 8 & 9. New River Island boots.

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I have fallen off the blogging wagon somewhat this month. It seems to be that whenever I start a blog (granted I’ve only done so twice..!) my life seems to turn itself upside down somehow… Things have been rather hectic for me for the past month, and I have just been so busy/knackered to actually get posts up.

But anywho, long story short, I am changing jobs, and will be due to start at my new job next week, so it has been rather a lot of interview stress more than anything else recently, and for those of you who have had your fair share of interviews, you’ll know how draining they are! But, interview drama is all over now and I’m looking forward to new opportunities at my new place of work, so fingers crossed everything goes well!

In other news, I’m very much looking forward to getting our flat decorated for Christmas. I have already bought quite a few baubles (including some shockingly expensive ones from Libertys – oops) I got a couple of sets from M&S yesterday, they have 3 for 2 on all Christmas decorations at the moment which is great. And I’m off to John Lewis this lunchtime as I’ve seen a few online that I want to pick up… We’re planning to get our tree this weekend, So I hope I will have enough decorations by then to fill it up.
Once I’ve got all the tree decs sorted I want to start getting some table decorations, we are having Christmas Day at ours so it will be really nice to have the table all festive.


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