December Thirty One

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fireworksSo here we have the token end of year post, everyone and their dog has done one, but do you know what, I bloody love them. My inner nosey-nora takes over and I just want to know anything and everything about how people’s years have been.

I think for the majority of blogs I read, the bloggers tend to be around my age, give or take a few years, this hasn’t been a specific choice of mine, but I think you find yourself relating with someone who is in a similar situation to yourself and then find yourself coming back again and again to hear all about how they’re doing in their little bubble of life, and I think it’s comforting to be able to relate to people similar to yourself. So hearing all about their 2013 is right up my street.

So, 2013…how would I sum you up hey? I would say 2013 has been all about New Opportunities.

January and February saw me settling in to my new job, making amazing friends, and gradually paying off that dastardly student overdraft *yey!*

March/April/May brought with it a very exciting new opportunity in the form of flat hunting…! We viewed around 4 places in mid March, finding our lovely flat last but not least, and in the perfect location for us. We decided straight away that we wanted to take it and after a lot of paperwork we were accepted. A long wait of two months (it felt like such a long time) followed before we could move in, and in that time I think it’s safe to say I went a little crazy planning everything we needed to buy, right down to cushions and accessories. (My bad).

April brought along a new arrival in the form of a little baby girl to the boyfs brother and his wife, and anyone who knows me, knows I do love a good baby cuddle, so it was very nice to meet the little one and give her a snuggle. N’awww.

So May came along and we moved into our lovely flat, and with all the mad and crazy organisation we managed to get all our furniture within only a couple of weeks. Win.

Summertime saw the boyf graduate uni with First Class Honours, and I played the extremely proud girlfriend in the crowd. Other than that it was fairly quiet, but fun nevertheless, we didn’t go away anywhere as we’d just spent a rather large amount on furniture and stuff for the flat, so there wasn’t a whole lot of budget left for a holiday too at that point, but it was lovely to spend summer together in our own flat.

September/October came around and the boyf was interviewing for an exciting new job opportunity, which he of course got, because he’s amazing, and a genius (biased, me?).

November comes around and he starts the new job, which brought lots of exciting opportunities with it. As it happens, I also found myself interviewing for a new job in October/November time, and I started at my new place early December.

So for me December has been a little crazy, finishing at my old place and saying goodbye to lots of friends was very sad, but I was also very excited for opportunities at the new job. And of course doing all the Christmas shopping, and buying new decorations for our first Christmas together in our new flat. I feel a little knackered actually, but here we are, New Years Eve 2013 and do you know what, it’s quite nice to sit and reflect on the year that’s just passed.

So, I guess now is the time to look forward to what’s coming up in 2014… Well, first and foremost, we are off skiing in January, I couldn’t be more excited if I tried! We couldn’t go in Jan 2013 as I was still eyeballs deep in my student overdraft after months of job-hunting, so I am soooo excited to go in 2014! I think for the rest of the way we will just have to take each day as it comes! Do we move or do we stay when the contract is up on our flat…who knows! We’ll have a ponder nearer the time I’m sure. There are also some very exciting hen party plans in July/August time for one of my best friends who is due to become a Mrs at the end of August, I couldn’t be more excited to be a bridesmaid and be part of their wedding day. Well, maybe if I was given a pug to walk down the aisle with me or something… Laura, if you’re reading this, rent a pug for the day??? Hmmm??! I kid, I kid…

I think as far as New Years resolutions go, well, I’ve decided I’m not going to bother. I make them every year and then never carry them out, or try to but then fail miserably. Get fit, eat healthy, blah blah blah, but then I remember that I much prefer sitting on the sofa watching TV and drinking wine. *sigh*. One day eh…

I think one key thing I need to mention here before I go is this little old blog that you’re reading right now. When I started it back at the beginning of October, everything was settled and calm, yet only a few weeks down the line, both the boyf and I were facing new job opportunities and everything was up in the air again, so blogging took a back seat. But I really do love it, and I think if I was to have one resolution it would be to sort out everything blog-wise. I have been totally rubbish on the posting front this month, and I do need to get back into a routine with everything. Hopefully now we are both fairly settled into our new jobs etc, and the Christmas madness is soon to be over, I will find more time to set aside for my little blog.

So just before I go, I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year! I hope you all have a lovely time tonight whatever you end up doing, and have a wonderful and prosperous 2014!


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