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Okie doke, so I know there aren’t a whole hoard of you following and reading my rambles over here just now, but I thought I’d let those of you who are reading know what’s going on..! If anything it make’s me feel better to write it down.

So, the plan is: October Eleven will be having a full makeover. As I mentioned in my previous post, it’s early days, and this wee one is just a baby in blog years, so I want to figure out the style and feel of everything now, and hopefully if I can get that sorted fairly early on, I will find more motivation and time to dedicate to blogging.

I will be moving my blog away from Blogger completely, and probably away from conventional blogging platforms altogether. The secret to this being the extremely talented web designer boyfriend who assures me he can show me how to work other non conventional platforms which allow a lot more scope than the standard ones.

So far I haven’t used his talents on this blog, apart from a few CSS elements; aligning things etc, purely because I have been so sporadic with it all, both on my last blog and this one, that I quite honestly didn’t want to waste his time. But New Year and all that, I really want to get back into it, and I figured if he’s going to make me something fan-dabby-dosey, then I have no excuse for not posting, because it’s just going to look all pretty and nice πŸ™‚

One thing I am unsure about in this big blog move, is importing posts. The boyf says he can do this but as I’m going with a whole new layout, I may just have to re-do/delete certain ones, as I have a feeling the text/images wont sit right, but we shall see.

One thing I haven’t really done a lot of this time around is promote my blog. A bit of twitter promotion now and again is all I’ve really gone for, but I really do need to start participating in blogger chats more often and I’m keen to start advertising on other blogs too, probably not too many, I’m not made of money! But maybe one to start off with, so this will be something to consider once everything’s finished.

Anyway, just to say, I hope those of you who have been reading/following, will continue to do so once everything has been moved over, and I hope that you will enjoy the new environment much much more! I will still be continuing with the same sort of theme, but trying to incorporate more and more lifestyle posts as these are my favourite to read as well as write. This will probably be my last post for a while, I might pop some occasional updates on now and again, but I will save all the ‘proper posts’ (!) for the new home…


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