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1. Jesse says Keep Calm, Bitch. 2. Tartan Dungarees inspired by InTheFrow. 3. Honest Burger. 4. Stuffed Peppers. 5. Real Techniques Core Collection.Β 6. Nails. 7. Eggs Benedict. 8. Gucci By Gucci perfume for Valentines Day. 9. Valentines Day cheesecake for dessert. 10. Steak, chips, red wine and champers for Valentines dinner. 11. Roses from the boyf :). 12. The cheeeeesiest Valentines card. 13. Nails. 14. Hangover burritos. 15. Mollie on Cosmo. 16. Nails. 17. Bag and shoe shelves. 18. Eggs Royale. 19. Fry-up. 20. New Primark slippers. 21. Skiing Avoriaz 2014. 22. Burger for dins. 23. Thai food for a friend’s birthday. 24. Friday wine. 25. Steak salad. 26. Double leopard print. 27. Triple Cheesemas. 28. Milkybar.
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Afternoon all πŸ™‚
First off, I gained another 3 Bloglovin’ followers since my post last week which is extremely exciting, so with that in mind I do want to keep my new (and old!) followers as up to date as I can at the moment whilst my blog is in ‘limbo’ mode. (I think this is my new favourite phrase.) *Insert thumbs-up emoticon here*

A pretty picture-heavy catch up here, but I didn’t do a January Instagram round up, and now we are into March I felt like a Jan/Feb catch up was in order.

Part of me feels like Instagram posts are a little old-hat now, and less and less people are doing them, but I do think they’re quite fun, and serve their purpose as a photo update of the blogger and what they’ve been up to recently. I’m trying to decide whether or not to keep going with them on the re-versioned blog or not, I think I’d quite like to incorporate them in some way, but maybe mix it up a wee bit and make it a bit more interesting and not just use the same format every time.

Anyway, what I’m noticing now more often than not, is that my Instagram is just full of food! All credit for this goes to the boyf who is a fab cook, and therefore I often find myself wanting to take photos of his creations, because they look so damn good. I created my own little hashtag too, #chefnick is tagged to anything he makes, and if anybody wants to have a look at them all you can find them there.

Can I just point out one other thing…picture no. 17 above – my shoe and bag shelves! I am completely in love with these, and I will definitely be doing an updated post on these once I relaunch my blog. You can see the original post here – when I first bought the shelves for the shoes, and as you may be able to see from the wee picture above it has now doubled in size to incorporate my bags as well.

Having always wanted a walk in closet, I feel like this is the closest I can get for the moment!

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