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Spring Wishlist

Wishlist #1Michael Kors watch. Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation. NARS Radient Creamy concealer. Clinique Neutral Territory palette. Superdry zip up hoodie.

Just a mini-wishlist today, I don’t think I’ve actually done one of these on here before, and I’m racking up quite the list of bits and bobs I want, so I thought, why not.

Just before I crack on, I’d like to say again (at the risk of sounding a little repetitive..!) thank you so much for following, this week has seen another wee burst of followers, which I am so thrilled with, (it’s these little things that please me you see) so hello to new followers and merci-buckets for pressing that little Bloglovin’ button.

So, back to the topic in hand, I would’ve called this a March Wishlist, but I’ve wanted most of this stuff for flippin’ ages, so it’s more of a general wishlist really. I’d like to think this is all achievable stuff, although obviously the Michael Kors watch is the most expensive of the lot there, so that will take a little bit of saving. Although if I’m not feeling too impatient I could wait for my birthday (that’s still 7 months away though..) and ask for it from the boyf.

I’ve been wanting to try a more ‘high-end’ foundation for a while now and after scouting through 100s of reviews I think I’ve settled on the Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation which seems to be an all round fave. Ideally I’d like to see if I can get a sample of it to try out first, as my skin is a) quite sensitive, and b) very fair, so colour matching is always an issue. But we shall see.

I also really want to try the NARS Radient Creamy concealer as everyone and their dog raves about this, but again I’m hoping I can get a sample because colour matching has been an issue before – when buying my current MAC concealer actually – the phrase ‘lightest shade still too dark’ haunts me in every foundation/concealer purchase. #paleskinproblems

Last in the make up wishlist is the Clinique Neutral Territory palette. Again, I’ve seen loads of people rave about this, and I’ve wanted another palette as I’m getting a bit bored of my Naked 1 now, and the Naked 3 just comes across as a bit too pink-y for my liking. And am I the only one that thinks the Naked 2 is just too similar to the Naked 1? Maybe it’s me…

Finally, I’m loving Superdry ‘lounge-wear’ lets call it. The boyf got me a hoodie for my birthday and then joggers for Christmas, and I love them, they’re sooo soft and so comfy. I have quite a lot of hoodies, but not many zip up hoodies, and I find them a bit cooler to wear when approaching the summer months as it starts to get warmer. I love the pop of colour on the grey one above, I’ll definitely be picking one of those up soon.


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