Hello, April.

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hello aprilSo April is here, how did that happen?!

The other day October Eleven reached 40 followers, which is amazing. I like how Bloglovin’ sends you a little email to tell you you’ve reached a milestone, how very sweet of them indeed.
I’ve been wanting to do a little update for a while as there’s been lots going on recently, and I thought I’d do it in a ‘5 things’ style, along the lines of Cupcakes and Cashmere, and Cider With Rosie

1. We’re moving!
Yup, we’re upping sticks and moving. To the big smoke in fact. We both work in London now, so it seemed like the logical thing to do, and y’know that means that we’ll be able to go out for fancy breakfast all the time right? Hmm I wonder if that will last beyond the first weekend…

I have however realised this ‘stress of moving’ that people always talk about. Last-year-me was like, ‘eh? Stress, what are you on about, it’s all just so exciting!’ This-year-me, realises that it’s a whole other story when you are moving from one place to another (rather than from family to your first place) as you have numerous bills and rubbish to terminate before you leave, you need to clean up the old place, fill in picture holes in the wall, bla bla bla…not cool. And plus, this time around we have a whole host of furniture to move with us, which means hiring a bloody great van. Thankfully I won’t be the one driving it. *phew* (motorists of London can breathe a sigh of relief).

I think with all the stuff that we need to do, I haven’t really let it all sink in yet, but it will be really exciting, we’ll be in a really good location and in a nice modern flat (with a dishwasher, BOOM – my washing up days are over!) so there’s lots to look forward to!

2. One of my best friends got married and will be moving to America.
I am so happy and so sad about this all at the same time, it’s very confusing! Happy of course that they got married, sad that I couldn’t make it, as it was a last minute celebration and also sad that they will be moving away. Although perhaps I should be thinking that we will (kind of) have a holiday home in Florida..! I will miss her beyond belief but I think it will be such a good move for both of them, and I am oh so excited for their new start!

3. Another of my best friends just got engaged and her & her fiancΓ© bought their first flat together.
One of my friends is a dancer and had been on tour in Austria/Germany etc for the last couple of months. She arrived back last week, where her boyfriend greeted her at the airport with a big sign with her name on it, he then flips the sign over and it says ‘Will you marry me?’ *Fairytale alert!* Isn’t that like something out of a movie!? She FaceTimed me to tell me the news and I cried. Oh dear…

4. I started playing Spryo the Dragon on PS1 again…
Ahh Spyro. That little purple dragon was a big part of my childhood, and I love replaying the games every now and again, and even though everything is so pixelated, I just love it! It certainly takes my mind off the moving stress anyway!

5. The boyf is trying to get me into watching ’24’.
I just don’t know how I feel about it.. One minute I’m gripped, the next minute I’m like, ‘whaaaat? Oh for goodness sake!’ It just seems a bit ridiculous to me. We’re starting at season one, and I think we’ve just watched the 7pm-8pm episode, but I mean, how many times can these people get attacked… I think I need a bit of persuading on this..! Oh and the memory loss bit…don’t even get me started!

So I think that seems to cover what is going on in my world at the moment! We are moving house Easter weekend, so it feels like getting everything sorted for that is what’s taking up most of my time just now. And the majority of other things have been put on the back burner to return to at a later date, which is also why I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks.
I have lots of stuff planned for the new blog which I’m really excited about, but unfortunately for now, most things blog-wise (as with everything else!) are being put on hold for a few weeks. That’s the trouble when the boyf is the one designing my new blog, when I’m busy, he’s inevitably busy too!

I’ll keep you posted..!


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