London Calling…

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London nightFirst things first…we’ve moved!

As my cousin said,

Cor blimey, you’re Laaaahhnnndaaners!

So yes, we’re now officially living in London, with a very cushty 25min door to door commute to work which is rather nice!

So Easter weekend, rather than being a long relaxing 4 days off, was actually a manic house-moving frenzy. It started Thursday night when we had to pack up the majority of our stuff, granted we should have done more beforehand, but hindsight is a wonderful thing isn’t it.
We were up until about 2am packing up as much as we possibly could, and by that point I was about ready to just drop to the floor and fall asleep wherever I landed.Friday morning we got up at the crack of dawn, packed the last of our things (shower stuff etc) and waited for the boyfs brother to arrive with the transit. I really wish I’d taken a photo of the van when we’d packed the first load in, because it was so expertly packed that I couldn’t quite believe how much we actually managed to fit in! Then came the drive across London. I had envisaged this to be much worse than it actually was, and I think in the end it only took about 50 minutes, which was really good. So the first lot was un-loaded and I was left in the new flat to unpack everything while the boys went back to fetch the next load. Long story short, back they came with everything else packed into the second load, and this load was even more packed than the previous one, which I didn’t even think was possible! So everything was unloaded and the boyfs brother and his girlfriend (who came along to help with the second load) headed back to drop off the van and go home. We were then left amongst boxes upon boxes of stuff, which by that stage we had no energy to unpack. Dominos arrived for dinner and we toasted our move with some champers.

Saturday was the day that we cleaned. We made the trip back on the train to our old flat and spent 6 hours (with the help of the boyfs mum) cleaning everything until it sparkled. I used to consider myself to be quite a clean freak, but after cleaning absolutely everything, and coming across some nooks and crannies which I had never even registered were there, I’m feeling a little ashamed that perhaps my cleaning just wasn’t up to scratch over the year that we lived there! I must try to be better this time around! We dragged our sorry feet back on the train (whilst carrying half a chair and a bike which didn’t fit in the van-loads!) got the mainline train into central and then *thankfully* managed to get an Uber back to the new flat. They managed to get both the bike, the chair and the both of us in the car which was good! We collapsed on the sofa, ate up the leftover Dominos, and just vegged out in front of the TV for the rest of the evening.

Sunday and Monday were much more relaxed, I took Sunday to unpack everything else, and we got rid of all our bubble wrap and boxes, so everything was much less cluttered. Then Monday we ventured out to do a food shop and get some fresh air.

So now we’re almost at the end of week 2 of being Londoners, we’re getting to grips with the new commute, (apart from the recent strikes of course…*facepalm*) and everything in our new flat, and all’s going well. We’re enjoying all the new things – ie. dishwasher, posh bathroom without a horrible shower curtain (my biggest bugbear in a bathroom!). And being able to take our bins to the lower ground wheelie bins whenever we need to, rather than having to have horrible bin bags festering in the kitchen because the bins only get taken fortnightly – you can imagine I wasn’t overly happy when they cut our bin collections at the old flat!

We’ve completed the check-out inventory on our old flat, and handed back the keys, and we’re getting our bills organised and food-shopping orders in, so life is slowly but surely getting back to normal now. There’s a few bits and pieces I’d like to get for the flat, namely a console table to go by the front door, and a new vacuum cleaner (life is so exciting eh..!) but we will probably have to save for a wee bit before we get those. Saying that, my grandparents very kindly sent us some money, so that will most likely go towards the hoover.

So that was my (fairly hectic) life over the last 2 weeks or so. Bring on the bank holiday weekend!


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