Two Months in Photos

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insta11. Trying and failing at drinking coffee. 2. Kinder Surprise! 3. My first taste of Five Guys. 4. Matching Galaxy Easter Eggs. 5. Toasting the move to London. 6. Comedy coaster. 7. Matching nails and jeans (almost!). 8. Lunchtime. 9. Burgerrr.insta210. New Piercing! 11. Wine O’Clock. 12. #tbt Grad Ball July 2012. 13. Tea and Doughnuts.insta314. Reliving my childhood, Spyro style. 15. #tbt Me and the girls August 2012. 16. Shock horror, No Make Up Selfie. 17. Byron for the boyfs birthday. 18. Being a sheep and buying the Zoella edition. 19. New Paperchase purchase. 20. Lunchtime spread. 21. Do Nothing. 22. Dominos Feast.insta423. Jewellery splurge. 24. Homemade pizzas. 25. Fridge talk. 26. First outing of the pumps this year. 27. Lunchtime bagel. 28. Browsing for my yacht… 29. Fridge magnets. 30. Breakfast at Riding House Cafe. 31. Pancake Day!

Instagram: @cerilouuu

It’s been a busy couple of months, so not many photos were taken in all honesty, hence why I’ve rounded up March and April in one post.
The food theme is still rife on my Instagram feed as you can see! Either of something the boyf has made (#chefnick) or if we’ve popped out for dins (usually a burger) or gotten takeaway (Dominos obvs.) I think this means that we’re probably eating too much, and probably quite unhealthily… Although saying that, there are some healthy options snuck in now and again! However, I have an actual credible excuse for the unhealthiness…unfortunately at the moment we don’t have an oven, it’s away with the ‘oven people’ (!) to be repaired, so we’re living off pasta, salad, and then takeaway and meals out, basically. We had a Dominos last night and I’ve had the leftovers for lunch at work today, and believe me, it’s always the same, you crave that dastardly cheese-covered devil and then once you’ve eaten it, the Dominos hangover sets in. I can feel it again now after a few slices of leftovers, it’s not good my friends, not good!

I’m off to pour myself a big glass of squash to quench that post-Dominos-dehydration. (It’s a thing honestly.)


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