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garden decorationLong time no speak on my part somewhat, but hey, we’re at the end of June now and summer is finally on it’s way so I thought I best do a bit of an update before winter arrives again…!

June has been a fairly busy month, so this weekend just gone we managed to have a very restful and lazy couple of days which was great. July is looking to be quite quiet I think, but August is pretty jam packed, so I think I should take advantage of the time we have in July and maybe do some of the touristy things I’ve been meaning to do for a while whilst it’s still sunny.

Onto my favourite topic of conversation… Home Stuff.
I keep adding to my wishlist for the flat, I think I just have to accept that there will always be something else that I want… You may remember I mentioned that I wanted a new hoover and a console table a couple of posts back, well we bought the hoover, and let me tell you, I never thought I’d get so excited about a hoover! I’m considering giving it a review at a later date, once I’ve given it a proper go, but from the first few goes, I bloody love it! (It’s a Dyson Cordless DC44 for anyone who’s wondering).
As for console tables I just can’t find one I like anywhere. Actually that’s not quite true, I found one online from CB2 in America, but the extra shipping costs meant that it would cost an absolute fortune, *sad face* so unfortunately that wasn’t an option. I just want a fairly simple slim table, and most of them are just far too deep. I will continue the search however so we shall see…

Another thing I need to do is get some photos printed. One of my friends bought me a selection of different sized frames for my birthday back in October because I said I was planning on doing a feature wall, but I still haven’t got around to filling them and putting anything up. We’ve also been meaning to get some canvasses printed of some of the pictures we took when we’ve been skiing, and that hasn’t happened either, so I really need to get my act together and sort it all out. I have actually started the feature wall in fairness, but there’s not a huge amount going on yet, although I did order a sneaky Harry Potter themed print today which will fit in one of the frames, but shhh, don’t tell the boyf!

Another one on the list is garden furniture. (See inspirational picture above!) We have two terraces/balconies on our flat now, when previously we had no outside space at all, so I’d really like to get some lounging chairs or a small table and chairs to go outside. I’ve also seen some cute lantern style solar powered lights that I thought would look good and brighten things up a bit. I’d quite like to get some plants as well, but the trouble is I always kill plants…not intentionally I must add, I’m just not blessed when it comes to plant care…

Last thing I’ve been wanting is a bar cart… I’m blaming Pinterest for this… I’ve become a bit obsessed. I don’t know if we’ll actually get a bar cart or not, but I definitely want to expand our alcohol collection a bit. I was inspired by a post on A Beautiful Mess called How to Stock a Bar Cart, which gives a number of options for varying budgets, so I ordered a basic cocktail set online a few weeks ago, and bought the ingredients for Mojitos (my favourite cocktail), so we’ve started dabbling in a bit of cocktail making! So far only mojitos, but once we’ve bought a bit more we can expand our skills!


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