Au revoir Juillet

A passersbySo here we are, at the end of another month!

First things first, I have to tell you that the blog re-design has officially started! A couple weeks ago actually. The boyf is putting his designer cap on (or should I say, normal cap, as that is his job, right?) and the layout is slowly but surely coming together. He exported all my posts and I have re formatted them and also collated all the corresponding photos (we weren’t able to get these across alongside the text unfortunately).
However it’s probably not too much of an issue having to do the photos separately because I would have had to use the original files anyway as my edited ones are cropped to fit my current design.
What I will be doing next is re-editing all the photos. All I’ve done previously editing-wise is adjust the levels and exposure on some of them that were slightly dark, so hopefully that won’t actually take too long. I’m excited though as it’s finally coming together!

In other news, I’m off to a festival this weekend for my friend’s hen do. I can’t tell you which one as she doesn’t know yet, it’s a surprise! But we’re all very excited. I raided Boots yesterday and also headed to Primark and New Look to pick up some wellies and sunglasses, so I think I’ve pretty much got everything sorted. I will be having a check over everything tonight to see if I’ve forgotten anything then I can pick any last bits up tomorrow.

Other than that life is rolling along as normal, I’m enduring the London heatwave (that’s right – enduring – I’m not great with the heat), and generally just looking forward to Autumn. (Sorry not sorry) πŸ˜‰



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