Welcome to the re-design…

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blog screen 1You may have noticed that things are looking a little different around here, well say hello to the new blog design…

I should clarify this by saying that this isn’t the design that the boyf has made me, however he is still working on that for me, but I was getting impatient (!) so have made some improvements and changes myself for the time being.

It’s taken just under a couple weeks to do, although I imagine I could’ve done it quicker if I wasn’t at work!
Basically what I’ve done is move my blog from Blogger over to WordPress. This has allowed me to utilise a much simpler and cleaner blog theme, which is actually quite close to what the boyf has been designing for me. However in doing this I’ve had to manually go in and adjust all the photos and text which were all still set up for my Blogger theme, so that’s what’s taken the most amount of time really. I also then had to redirect my domain, which took a bit of googling, but I managed it in the end! Another thing I’ve done is create a Facebook page, I’ve never done this before for a blog, but I thought I’d give it a shot and see how it does. Bloglovin’ have also very kindly redirected my followers over here – I had to contact their support and ask them to move them over as technically moving to WordPress made it a whole different website, even though the content is the same. Although my Bloglovin’ blog profile seems to only have picked up 4 posts from my RSS feed, but they are all still here on the blog! I think a bit more investigation is needed on that one…

I’ve been a bit stubborn in not asking anyone for help with it, but I do feel quite proud that I managed to do it by myself!

August has been a pretty busy month so I do have lots of posts coming up over the next week or two, so keep your eyes peeled!


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