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DF Mexico – Shoreditch

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2014-08-16 16.33.55DF Mexico is a laid back Mexican restaurant in Shoreditch.

The boyf and I headed over there the other week as he’d been raving about it after he’d tried it out with people from work.2014-08-16 15.56.15Once you’ve had a look at the menu you head over to the till to order and pay.2014-08-16 15.58.39Then you can make your way back to your table to wait for your meal to arrive.2014-08-16 15.57.59
2014-08-16 15.59.16Menu-wise, you should be able to spy the usual suspects: tacos, burritos etc, but they also have a couple of different options.2014-08-16 15.57.04NYC Tortas

A Mexican sandwich served New York style in a toasted brioche bun with smashed avocado, slaw and house pickle

Quite simply a meaty bun with extras shoved in for good measure. This one appealed to me straight away, so that’s exactly what I ordered!2014-08-16 16.02.09Then there’s The Mexican Board – this comes with a selection of ingredients so you can ‘make your own tacos’. But quite frankly we couldn’t be fussed with that so the boyf ordered himself some regular ready-made tacos…2014-08-16 16.02.03But the pièce de résistance was the frozen margaritas.
Oh. My. Word.
These are seriously good. I would go back just for these alone. I ordered a hibiscus margarita because I’m a bit obsessed with everything hibiscus flavoured at the moment, I can’t get enough of it!2014-08-16 15.55.45Pretty simple and easy Mexican food and if you’re in Shoreditch I would definitely recommend it, and even if you aren’t in Shoreditch, it’s worth a trip just for the frozen hibiscus margarita… 😉

After lunch we wandered around Spitalfields and then headed to Queen of Hoxton for a beverage on their rooftop bar.2014-08-16 17.35.13
2014-08-16 17.14.19As you can see, it was pretty rammed.
We stayed for one drink then headed home via our nearby cheese shop and consumed our weight in cheese and wine when we got in…
All in all a pretty good Saturday!


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