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Gourmet Burger Kitchen – Covent Garden

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2014-08-21 19.03.17I’m all for trying out burger restaurants, in fact I might even go so far as to say it’s one of my favourite things to do.

So when my friend Kayleigh and I were wandering around looking for somewhere to eat, we stumbled across Gourmet Burger Kitchen in Covent Garden and decided to investigate further.

We originally headed towards Shake Shack (which I LOVE) but decided it didn’t do enough wine for our liking, so we continued our search and ended up here.2014-08-21 19.08.47If you’ve ever been to a place called Grill Shack (in Soho – another burger place) then Gourmet Burger Kitchen is in my opinion pretty similar. You get shown to your table then choose what you want and head up to the till to pay. The decor is pretty similar to Grill Shack as well, lots of exposed brick and wood everywhere, and quite a similar layout.2014-08-21 19.05.49We placed our order, along with the much discussed wine – FYI this one was a good’un.2014-08-21 19.11.45
2014-08-21 19.11.12
2014-08-21 19.09.03And waited patiently for it to arrive.2014-08-21 19.02.04We both opted for the same thing… The Camemburger.
Just look at that beauty. And yes, that is a burger topped with Camembert. Helloooo.2014-08-21 19.14.28This thing was pretty damn good, whoever thought of Camembert on a burger was a flippin’ genius.
We went for some skinny fries as well to share, although in hindsight I think I would’ve preferred the chunky ones, but these were pretty good none the less.2014-08-21 19.14.34
2014-08-21 19.14.40We swiftly devoured our meal and our wine and off we trotted, with full bellies, across the road to La Perla for some cocktails.2014-08-21 21.54.14
2014-08-21 20.48.24First up were Mojitos.2014-08-21 20.45.23
2014-08-21 20.47.09
2014-08-21 20.46.52
2014-08-21 20.47.29Next we went for Margaritas.2014-08-21 21.23.53
2014-08-21 20.43.20As you can see, we we’re pretty happy with our purchases, the cocktails here are gooooooood!2014-08-21 20.42.56However, after our half a bottle of wine each at GBK, then two cocktails to follow, we decided that as it was a school night and all, we’d best get on our merry way, and head home…2014-08-21 21.54.01Until next time K-dawg.


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