Ikea Billy Bookcase // The Bag Edit

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2014-09-01 16.12.10This is a post I’ve been promising for a while now. You saw my original set up here, however as you can see, it’s expanded a little since then…

Here we have the original shoe shelves, now with accompanying bag shelves – because I mean, what else was I meant to do with my bags..?!2014-09-01 16.11.05This is the Billy Bookcase from Ikea, exactly the same as before, except I didn’t buy any extra shelves for the bag side, so it just cost me a mere £35. The shoe side cost me a total of £51 with two extra shelves, so all in all a grand total of £86, which in my opinion is pretty damn good!2014-09-01 16.10.06
2014-09-01 16.10.49The shoe collection has changed slightly, but I think I’ve done pretty well in getting rid of ones I no longer wear to make room for new ones! I have a total of (what I think is very conservative, but the boyf thinks otherwise!) 31 pairs of shoes….I don’t think that’s half bad you know… 😉2014-09-01 16.12.22
2014-09-01 16.11.19
2014-09-01 16.09.42
2014-09-01 16.13.34
2014-09-01 16.13.08
2014-09-01 16.07.22There may be a day in the not too distant future when I decide to add another set of shelves on… we shall see… Just don’t mention anything to the boyf yeah? 😉


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