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London Transport Museum

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2014-08-24 16.21.17I’d been wanting to visit the London Transport Museum for ages. So one Sunday we actually dragged ourselves out of the flat and went out and did something touristy.
ldn trans collageIt doesn’t take long at all to get round – must’ve been about 45 mins-1 hour in total, which if you have a bit of a short attention span like me is quite ideal.2014-08-24 16.16.45Secretly I’m quite fascinated by the history of London and transport, the boyf even started calling me Sheldon because I was getting so excited about trains…!2014-08-24 16.20.48I’d like to go and visit the Museum of London at some point, that’s next on the list I think 🙂2014-08-24 16.21.47
2014-08-24 16.22.48
2014-08-24 16.22.59I was quite excited to learn about the history of the Metropolitan line, who knew it went right out west to Aylesbury once upon a time!2014-08-24 16.24.07
2014-08-24 16.23.39
2014-08-24 16.27.05I had to take a picture of this ^^ didn’t I? (the boyf is an Arsenal fan you see)2014-08-24 16.26.18
2014-08-24 16.27.49
2014-08-24 16.33.14
2014-08-24 16.34.31
2014-08-24 16.36.32Lots of buses were actually used in the war, so as you can expect a lot got damaged…2014-08-24 16.36.19
2014-08-24 16.35.28
2014-08-24 16.38.17An E reg taxi here… this was pretty cool as it’s actually something in the museum that was around in my lifetime (that wasn’t brand new!). In fact the E reg car was actually introduced only a short while before I was born, but obviously there were plenty around when I was growing up.2014-08-24 16.39.26Love this poster… pretty good reason to get the bus if you ask me!2014-08-24 16.38.40
2014-08-24 16.43.40
2014-08-24 16.43.48
2014-08-24 16.43.57Seeing as I get the Victoria line into work every day I had to snap this one.2014-08-24 16.45.44This is a box full of lost property, pretty cool eh? Imagine if you saw something of yours in there though…2014-08-24 16.48.36
2014-08-24 16.49.19I know all too well what happens if you fall asleep on the train… *hides face*2014-08-24 16.50.31Once you get to the end of the Museum there’s a gift shop with all the TFL related bits and bobs you could imagine. There were some pretty cool traditional underground adverts for sale which had been framed, but they were pretty pricey…maybe one day…
Randomly though you could also by an A0 sized poster of the modern day tube map… and someone was genuinely buying this when we walked past… I just can’t imagine why you would ever want to put that on your wall! Is it just me??


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