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Pizza East – Shoreditch

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2014-09-01 19.03.36One Monday the boyf and I decided that pizza was on the agenda, so after work we headed east to Pizza East.
2014-09-01 19.02.10When we arrived it was fairly busy already, so we were given one of those little buzzy things ^^ (you know the ones), and proceeded directly to the bar.2014-09-01 19.01.59While we were waiting we had a little nosey around at all the meat and cheese they had on offer.2014-09-01 19.02.18
2014-09-01 19.03.04
2014-09-01 19.02.38It’s safe to say we had worked up quite an appetite by this point. However we weren’t waiting long before our buzzer buzzed and we were shown to our table.2014-09-01 19.12.55
2014-09-01 19.14.11A quick glance at the menu and some recommendations from the boyf and we placed our order.
First up were the starters (as you would expect, obviously). I think I can safely say that the starters were absolutely the highlight of the meal. We decided on burrata, aubergine & tomato, artichokes and garlic bread.2014-09-01 19.22.37I’m actually not quite sure where to begin… the artichokes are incredible and the sauce they come in is unreal. Thankfully the boyf had been to Pizza East before so knew to order garlic bread to mop up the leftover artichoke sauce…hello! Heaven.
The burrata was also delicious, and with the aubergine and tomato alongside, it all just melted in the mouth.
Garlic bread is garlic bread, however this stuff was seriously good, and when teamed with the artichoke sauce, well I can’t even tell you…

For the mainsΒ I went for veal meatballs, prosciutto and cream on my pizza and the boyf went for aubergine, tomato and smoked mozzarella. We swiftly sliced the pizzas in half and plonked half on to the others plate so we could have a bit of each.2014-09-01 19.43.46
2014-09-01 19.43.31
2014-09-01 19.43.38As the name suggests – it is a pizza place – so you’d expect the pizzas to be good, and these didn’t disappoint. The only trouble was I’d eaten so much for starters that I couldn’t quite finish all of my pizza. But waste not want not, they offer you a pizza box to take any remainders home with you!
Doggy bag for the girl rolling out the door please!2014-09-01 20.04.08The pizzas are pretty damn good here, but honestly the starters are out of this world. I think next time I would seriously consider just ordering a pile of starters and working my way through them until I pop!


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