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Drinks at Black & Blue – Waterloo

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2014-09-10 19.23.17Guess who’s back….
…my partner in crime!2014-09-10 18.33.24And what a beauty she is.
You saw our last lot of shenanigans at GBK and La Perla a couple weeks back, but this time we headed to Black & Blue for a beverage or two.2014-09-10 19.23.46
2014-09-10 19.24.13Black & Blue are known for their steaks and wine, and while we didn’t have time for steaks, we did have time for wine.2014-09-10 18.33.16For those of you who don’t know, Kayleigh lives down on the south coast, but once every couple weeks or so she has to come up to her London office to work for a day or two, so whenever she’s around I make sure to steal her for as long as possible. On this occasion though she was only up for a day, so had a train to catch that evening. Nevertheless we made use of the time we had and filled it with wine!

There are a few Black & Blue restaurants dotted around London but we visited the Waterloo one  – right outside the station so that Kayleigh could just hop across the road ready for her train.2014-09-10 19.23.11
2014-09-10 19.23.29
2014-09-10 19.24.26I have actually been to Black & Blue before – the one near Mortimer Street – for food and it is really good, in fact it’s making me hungry just thinking about it now…

But tonight was about the wine and when I arrived Kayleigh already had a glass of white in her hand, but remembering the Chateau rosé I had last time I was there, I decided to go for that again.2014-09-10 18.34.18Once we’d finished our glasses we decided to get a carafe to share, and having tried some of my rosé Kayleigh suggested that we go for that.2014-09-10 19.26.32
2014-09-10 19.26.39With the rosé finished, we went for one last glass of white before we departed.2014-09-10 20.46.42
2014-09-10 20.48.51
2014-09-10 21.18.23Maybe next time we can go back for some steak as well 😉


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