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Artesian Well – Clapham

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2014-09-06 21.10.16A couple of weekends ago we headed south of the river for two friend’s birthdays.
It finished in Artesian Well^^, but started with a BBQ…2014-09-06 17.44.57Here are the birthday boys enjoying a beverage (and a cuddle, apparently).
Unfortunately by the time I rummaged to the depths of my bag to retrieve my camera most of the contents of the BBQ had already been devoured.
I blame my rumbling stomach for this. Hello pulled chicken, lamb and burgers!2014-09-06 17.25.00
2014-09-06 17.24.51
2014-09-06 17.24.35After everyone’s food had gone down the boys decided on a game (or 10) of beer pong.2014-09-06 19.05.34
2014-09-06 18.12.24
2014-09-06 18.34.43
2014-09-06 17.25.21
2014-09-06 18.12.12
2014-09-06 18.08.51And before we headed out Jamie cracked out the champers…2014-09-06 17.42.31He was given this personalised bottle by his brother and sister-in-law as a thank-you for his part in their wedding – isn’t that nice eh!2014-09-06 17.43.08
2014-09-06 17.43.11A swift change and everyone made their way on the tube up to Clapham towards Artesian Well.2014-09-06 20.28.23
2014-09-06 20.30.47
2014-09-06 20.27.00I ordered my favourite cocktail and it was pretty good I have to admit.2014-09-06 20.25.28
2014-09-06 20.24.38
2014-09-06 20.34.08
2014-09-06 21.10.08After a while we made our way upstairs to the roof terrace.2014-09-06 21.15.12Ralph decided that this chair was made for him.2014-09-06 21.18.45What a poser.2014-09-06 21.29.29You can just about spot me in the mirror here…! ^^
We ordered a couple of drinks from the top floor bar and boy, were these strong. A single seemed to come out as a double and a double as a quadruple… I’m not sure if the barman didn’t quite understand or if that’s just what they do… quite bizarre!2014-09-06 21.29.11
2014-09-06 22.44.17It was a really nice evening and a lovely temperature too, so we didn’t feel too cold sat out on the terrace sipping our (very strong!) drinks. FYI, I’m always cold – so this was a good sign!2014-09-06 21.38.10
2014-09-06 21.20.16Lovely to catch up with friends and explore a new area of London!


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