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working lunchesOne of the nice things about my job is that I occasionally get to go on lunches out with our clients or sales reps. However, it’s not exactly appropriate for me to be taking photos of everything like I normally would unfortunately! But, I do usually manage to grab an Instagram snap or two…

So I thought I’d do a little round up of the last 5 places I’ve been to, and what I thought of them – as told by Instagram!
Starting from the most recent…

Lucky Chip
Now, this wasn’t strictly a lunch, but a party. They were set up at a venue with a number of other stalls which each offered various foods, but of course I headed directly to the burger option 😉
This burger was incredible, thick patty with a brioche bun, cooked medium, and a generous helping of melted cheese on top, I must’ve finished it in about 5 seconds flat. Delicious.
I’d love to actually go and try the rest of their menu at some point – ie. the fries and hot dogs!

Aqua Nueva
A fancy tapas place near Oxford Circus, it was here that I tried bone marrow for the very first time. The verdict: it was pretty damn good! They also did really good cocktails – we tried the mojitos and margaritas (no surprise there – they seem to be my go-to drinks at the moment!)
The staff were really friendly and very helpful, we basically asked them to bring us out whatever they recommended – I genuinely think this is the best thing to do in tapas places – and everything was so good. Surprisingly though, we weren’t entirely full, so we actually had room for some dessert and a cheese plate too… Still not sure how we managed it!

Japanese food on Charlotte Street. Now I have to say I’ve never been a huge fan of sushi, but I absolutely loved the food here. I even did pretty well with the chopsticks – it’s a work in progress, I’ll be a pro one day. The spread was incredible, even just the way it’s presented is amazing and the food was absolutely delicious! This was another place where we asked for recommendations on what dishes to try, and everything they brought out was seriously good – just check out that boat-like platter!^^
Also they did the most amazing hibiscus martinis (see below) – fuelling my love for hibiscus even more!


Black & Blue
You saw my trip to the Waterloo restaurant for drinks with Kayleigh here, but over the summer I went for food with work at the Mortimer Street restaurant. Hello steak! We managed to bag a table outside – it was in the height of summer at this point – and sipped on some wine and water while we waited for our starters and steak – and what a steak it was… check it out. ^^ But I can’t not mention the starters, one of which was: warm artichoke and spinach dip served with tortilla chips. Well this was something I’m not even sure I can describe. Some kind of cheesy artichoke and spinach dip with tortilla chips – it was seriously good!

Champagne and hot dogs – what’s not to like!? Bubbledogs is a pretty chilled restaurant, you choose a hot dog, some sides and some Champers (it’s not compulsory but we felt that we ought to have some bubbles with our dogs!) and you’re good to go. Also the tots and sweet potato fries are a win on the sides front.
You can go for pork, beef or vegetarian sausages and then there are a number of options for toppings – I went for the Buffalo which was: spicy buffalo sauce, blue cheese & celery. I have to say though, even though I’m a big fan of blue cheese, this stuff was very strong! I think next time I would probably go for a different option – the Mac Daddy (Macaroni & cheese, crispy onions, and bacon bits) is calling out to me..!
You might notice that Bubbledogs has a little ‘&’ at the end of it, well apparently this refers to a secret little restaurant at the back of Bubbledogs called Kitchen Table

“Kitchen Table is tucked away at the back of Bubbledogs and managed by the same team. Every evening, James Knappett and his team prepare a menu to represent the best products of the day. Guests are seated around the 19 seats in the kitchen.”

Sounds pretty good if you ask me!
If I go and visit any of these places again I’ll make sure to do a full write-up 😉


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