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IMG_0541It’s gotten to that time of year when I’m dreaming of snowy landscapes, groomed pistes and a helluva lot of cheese, meats and wine to accompany..

Back in January this year the boyf and I headed down to the Alps for a week of skiing/snowboarding.2014-01-22 17.16.15
IMG_0529We stayed in Avoriaz, which is a pedestrian only resort. There is a car park on the outskirts of the town where you are dropped off when you first arrive, and the locals get around by horse and sleigh, it’s so lovely!2014-01-22 17.32.46
2014-01-22 17.42.39The town itself is beautiful – as all ski resorts tend to be – in my opinion!2014-01-22 17.33.08
2014-01-22 17.44.27
2014-01-22 17.42.08
2014-01-22 17.17.44
2014-01-22 17.46.34
2014-01-22 17.36.30We even saw a real life dogeIMG_0514And a pug with a coat on…!!2014-01-22 17.18.09
2014-01-22 17.19.25The pistes were great fun, although quite a lot near the resort were fairly long and flat (which makes it quite difficult to gain any momentum), but as you head further up there are a number of steeper runs. (I’m just talking blue runs – nothing crazy!)
FYI – all runs are colour coded by their steepness and difficulty, starting from green as the gentlest, then blue, red and finally black for the steepest. (Never been on a black run, and I don’t have much desire to either!)IMG_0543
IMG_0517The boyf managed to get some really good panoramics on his phone ^^IMG_0548
IMG_0534One of the days was almost a white-out (more cloud-wise than snow, but either way it wasn’t very clear out there) but we decided to head out for a bit anyway. We headed up on one of the chair lifts and all looked fine and dandy – we were feeling pretty pleased with ourselves that we’d found a run that was clear – but after a few more minutes we were eating our words. We emerged at the top of a run which I can only assume was just slap bang in the middle of a cloud. We could basically only see around 2 metres in front of us. Not ideal, and there was no other way down but to ski… We found another group of people, so stuck together and just took it all one little bit at a time (thankfully the run wasn’t too steep). Eventually we came to the edge of the cloud, it was literally just a wall of cloud, we went from being able to see virtually nothing to being able to see the whole of the way down the mountain! We giggled to ourselves about how foolish we were to attempt the run and thanked each other for helping to lead everyone safely down the mountain. From there we went our separate ways. A bit nerve wracking – but we made it!IMG_0520The rest of the week was much less scary thankfully!IMG_0521
2014-01-22 17.20.02We’re starting to consider where to go this new year now… especially after looking through all these photos again! And the best things about skiing are firstly, you get to go skiing! But secondly if you’re in France it’s almost compulsory to live on a diet of cheese and wine – which is absolutely fine by me!


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