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Bunga Bunga – Battersea

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2014-09-13 23.29.48We embarked on another trip south of the river! This time for my friend Tash’s birthday. We met at hers and then headed out to Bunga Bunga in Battersea.

Cue the standard group photo before we left… (not sure why I look so anxious!)2014-09-13 22.54.52
2014-09-13 21.33.15We arrived quite late so it was already fairly busy.2014-09-14 01.26.36I loved the music here – lots of cheese and pop (my fave) and they even played a Christmas song… I think a few people found that a bit odd, but I was definitely happy to sing and dance along!
They also have a mini stage which you can sing karaoke on – mind you, everyone who went up could actually sing, so I don’t think it’s meant for those of us who are slightly more ‘vocally-challenged’ shall we say…2014-09-14 01.59.09Tash had been telling us all about the huge sharing cocktails they do, so after a flick through the menu we decided to go for the car version…2014-09-13 23.39.51Look how happy she is! ^^2014-09-13 23.39.58
2014-09-13 23.40.09They do a variety of different versions – in giant wine glasses, disco balls, the leaning tower of Pisa… The list goes on! They were fairly pricey though, but meant for sharing so bear in mind the price would be split between a group.2014-09-13 23.30.51
2014-09-13 23.30.00
2014-09-13 23.34.32We decided not to go for another sharing cocktail so stuck to individual ones from then on πŸ™‚2014-09-13 23.30.12
2014-09-14 01.05.09
2014-09-14 01.26.19Oh hey Berlusconi…!
It was a really fun night, although the drinks were pretty expensive and it was also Β£10 entry fee, which can be a little off-putting. But if you’re looking for something to do for a birthday or celebration of some sort and don’t mind paying a little extra for a night out then Bunga Bunga is worth a visit for sure.


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