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2014-09-20 18.59.22Last weekend it was my friend Sarah’s birthday celebrations. We started the night at one of my favourite places….Byron.

I think I would go so far as to say that Byron is my favourite burger place… I know, I know, that’s a pretty big claim, but I’m putting it out there nevertheless.2014-09-20 18.11.17In case you didn’t know, Byron do ‘specials’ every month or so. This time it was the Shady burger, and I decided to try it out. I’m not sure how I felt about the crispy cheese, it was an odd experience (!) but by no means did it ruin the burger, it was just something that I hadn’t really come across before.2014-09-20 18.59.30The boyf and I shared some normal fries and some courgette fries.Β If you’ve never come across courgette fries before then you’re missing out! As far as I can make out they are simply just slices of courgette coated in a thin batter and then deep fried – delicious!2014-09-20 18.12.09There were quite a lot of us, so we managed to commandeer an extra long table all the way down the centre of the restaurant.2014-09-20 18.11.36
2014-09-20 18.31.28
2014-09-20 18.12.17I ordered some wine and water to accompany, and we devoured our meals in minutes…2014-09-20 19.15.26
2014-09-20 18.10.28All except one… 2014-09-20 19.14.30Slow eater alert. ^^
“Guysss, stop taking photos of me eatinggg!” (Or something to that extent I’m sure…)
The birthday girl had been given a huge chocolate cake… Here she is trying not to eat it.2014-09-20 19.56.00And here she is showing off one of her presents – superman socks, complete with capes!2014-09-20 18.53.21After Byron we headed to a place called Grand Union just around the corner.2014-09-20 20.14.01It was a really nice atmosphere in here, there were individual booths as well as tables dotted around closer to the bar Β – somewhere you could sit and chat with friends whilst drinking an endless supply of cocktails…!2014-09-20 20.16.13
2014-09-20 20.25.47
2014-09-20 20.24.00
2014-09-20 20.26.27
2014-09-20 20.16.47
2014-09-20 20.17.05We had a flick through the vast menu and placed our orders at the bar.2014-09-20 20.13.42
2014-09-20 20.28.48
2014-09-20 21.15.57I think this ^^ may have been the Grand Union Royale2014-09-20 21.04.55
2014-09-20 21.13.59This one ^^ was the Elderflower Frost2014-09-20 21.46.21This one ^^ is an easy one, hello Pornstar Martini! I should also add that this was the boyf’s choice of cocktail…!2014-09-20 21.46.57This one I shared with Rachel, I’m pretty sure this was the Very Berry Martini. All these names are getting a little confusing…2014-09-20 20.58.35Posing with the birthday girl ^^ πŸ™‚
Right before she was given a birthday shot…2014-09-20 20.56.49We had to finish our last drinks pretty quickly as there was karaoke booked for 10pm, buuuut, not before we got in a little dancing!2014-09-20 21.39.39
2014-09-20 21.39.49Off up the road we trotted to the karaoke bar, first up for Rachel and I was Gold Digger…2014-09-20 22.51.04‘Now I aint sayin’ she a gold digger, but she aint messin’ with no broke niggas…’
We took a break for a bit and let some others have a go. Bonus points if you can guess the song…2014-09-20 22.34.21‘But now I’m only falling apart…’2014-09-20 22.34.28Okay that kind of gives it away…
I went up next with the birthday girl, I think this may have been either a Backstreet Boys or NSYNC song… A winning choice either way, obviously.2014-09-20 23.31.29
2014-09-20 22.54.43We ended the night with a group rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody. Pretty damn good if you ask me.2014-09-20 23.56.02Happy Birthday Sarah!


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