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The Thirsty Bear – Waterloo

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2014-09-30 20.16.38It’s time for the third instalment of Kayleigh and Ceri’s London adventures…
This time we headed to The Thirsty Bear, in between Waterloo and Southwark station (around a 7 minute walk from each).2014-09-30 20.15.49They have iPad-sized touch screens attached to each table which allow you to order whatever you want without having to get up to go to the bar, and everything gets delivered straight to your table.

The Thirsty Bear is London’s first fully fledged self service pub where we aim to marry technology with great food and drinks to ensure you have a memorable experience.

They also have beer pumps directly on the tables… truly self service!2014-09-30 19.03.16We were of course on the wine, as per usual, but all we needed to do was tap our drinks into the screen and they were delivered. Brilliant!2014-09-30 18.59.52See, look how happy Kayleigh is..!2014-09-30 19.02.52Me too!2014-09-30 19.02.12We set about ordering our food, both opting for the same thing, The Bear Burger.2014-09-30 18.59.28We also decided to go for some chips on the side. These arrived first, and they were damn good chips, although very hot – they took such a long time to cool down before it was physically possible to actually eat them!2014-09-30 19.11.33However, little did we know…2014-09-30 19.25.42The burgers already came with chips on the side…! *facepalm*
I’m almost certain it didn’t say on the menu that they came with chips, although maybe we just didn’t read it properly… we must have been far too eager for our food!Photo 01-10-2014 19 42 06(^^Stolen from Kayleigh’s Instagram)2014-09-30 19.25.51
2014-09-30 19.25.33A pretty hefty burger, and added to the pile of additional chips that we’d already managed to make our way through before the burgers arrived, we could barely finish everything! I think I had about two bites left of my burger when I admitted defeat. I hate to be defeated by a burger, but this one really did beat me!2014-09-30 20.15.26Token snap of the two of us before we departed… somehow I don’t think we were quite ready here…2014-09-30 20.15.18…Ahh that’s better!


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