The hoover that changed my life…

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2014-09-01 16.30.12I still can’t quite believe that I’m sat here writing about a hoover, but honestly, as the title says – this thing has basically changed my life…
Granted that may be a slight exaggeration, but it’s certainly made hoovering 100 times easier than it used to be.2014-09-01 16.36.13This little gem is the Dyson DC44 Multi Floor Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. We bought ours from John Lewis, it was a special edition for the John Lewis 150 years celebration and was on offer at £229.95 at the time.

Dyson engineers developed DC44 Multi Floor for versatile floor to ceiling cleaning. The centre of gravity is located towards the vacuum’s grip for easy handling – up top, down low and in-between.

2014-09-01 16.31.49Dyson claim that it should last for 20 minutes before the charge runs out, which allows more than enough time for me to hoover our flat. And because it’s cordless it makes everything soooo much easier and so much quicker. No cord restricting where you can reach, no kicking the hoover out of the way when you want to turn round, (there’s been more than one occasion where I’ve been on the verge of throwing the old hoover out the window…) it just goes wherever you need to, it’s light and it takes two seconds to just grab it out the cupboard if you need to vacuum something up quickly.2014-09-01 16.32.08It has a trigger style power button which means that the hoover is only on when you’re actually using it – so when you’re moving to another room you let your finger off the trigger and you’re not wasting any charge.2014-09-01 16.36.46
2014-09-01 16.34.48Emptying it is also the easiest thing – there are no fiddly bags, you just need to slide down that red switch ^^ to open the circular base and empty the contents.2014-09-01 16.32.50It comes with two attachments as standard – the crevice and combination tool.2014-09-01 16.34.11
2014-09-01 16.33.42These slot on just as the normal floor attachment does. You can either attach them directly at the base (as above^^) or at the end of the extended pole, depending on what you need to reach.2014-09-01 16.30.54One thing I would say though, there’s no attachment that would allow you to use the hoover with vacuum storage bags (the ones you can store bedding etc. in) – i.e. nothing is the right shape to fit over the seal of a vacuum bag. This is a little frustrating, but is the only thing I would consider a downside – and that’s only if you use vacuum bags anyway. I think what we will look to do is buy a cheap attachment and basically hack the end off to create something that will work. I will update as to whether this is successful..!2014-09-01 16.37.40All in all, I cannot recommend this enough. I know it’s a little pricey, but believe me it is totally worth it. Think of it as an investment buy..! It’s made hoovering and dusting so so much easier, and it must take half the time, as well as half the effort it used to.


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