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2014-10-05 14.12.28This weekend we donned our tourist caps and set off in the direction of St.Pauls and Barbican…
We moseyed around St. Pauls taking some typically touristy photos as we went, before stopping off for a quick bite to eat at Itsu. (Not my favourite food, but I shan’t complain!)2014-10-05 14.11.23
2014-10-05 14.09.01Once we’d re-fuelled, we headed over to our destination for the afternoon: the Museum of London.2014-10-05 14.50.07I’ve made myself a little list of touristy places I’d like to visit in London you see, and The Museum of London was one of them, along with The London Transport Museum – which I told you all about here πŸ™‚Museum1I didn’t actually know what to really expect on this one, but I actually didn’t think it would begin quite as far back in history as it did!
We’re talking woolly mammoths and cavemen… ^^
If I’m totally honest, I’m more of a ‘modern history’ fan – anything around the 1800s and 1900s is where I’m most comfortable. Or even bits and pieces from the 1500s and 1600s (y’know; Henry VIII, The Great Fire of London etc etc) but we started our tour right back in early AD…2014-10-05 14.58.04I had to include this ^^ as it was described as a ‘wine jug’! Now that’s my kind of wine receptacle!2014-10-05 15.01.11
2014-10-05 15.06.14Now we started to move into an era that I was slightly more familiar with.
Below is the view of London from Southwark in approximately the late 1500s, early 1600s.2014-10-05 15.10.45
Museum2The Great Fire of London.2014-10-05 15.17.24I spent quite a while looking at this map to try and find our flat… (well the location of it, clearly it didn’t actually feature on this map!). I’m pretty sure I got it eventually πŸ™‚2014-10-05 15.18.52
2014-10-05 15.19.33There was also a mock up of a prison cell, using the actual wood from the walls of a real life cell. It was pretty hard to capture in an image but basically prisoners over the years had carved words and images into the wood, it was both mesmerising and fascinating to think that the walls we were looking at had actually housed prisoners all those years ago.2014-10-05 15.24.13Next we headed towards Victorian times, where they had mocked up a Victorian street. This reminded me a lot of Diagon Alley within the Harry Potter studio tour!2014-10-05 15.24.47
2014-10-05 15.26.45
2014-10-05 15.27.57
2014-10-05 15.28.38This is a barbers ^^ (less Sweeney Todd than you’d think!)2014-10-05 15.29.25
2014-10-05 15.30.19This was one of my favourite parts; below is a recreation of the Selfridges lift from 1928 – amazing!2014-10-05 15.30.53
2014-10-05 15.31.42
2014-10-05 15.31.12The majority of things after this point were in perspex cases, so were very hard to capture on camera!
There was a really interesting section on the suffragettes – they had a couple of videos aboutΒ Emmeline Pankhurst and the suffragette movement which I stood and watched in admiration.2014-10-05 15.32.08On a different topic, these images below were pretty to-the-point…!Museum3
2014-10-05 15.35.43Check that out for a suitcase! ^^2014-10-05 15.40.23From here on we were whizzed through the 50s, 60s, 70s and so on pretty quickly…Museum4(Damn perspex cases!)2014-10-05 15.43.11Right up until modern times. (Is that ^^ what we’re supposedly all wearing now?!) πŸ˜‰

Quite a mixture of artefacts on show overall. It wasn’t what I expected at all if I’m honest! Highlights were definitely the Selfridges lift, the Victorian Street and the suffragettes movement.
If you’re more into ancient history than I am then this would definitely be up your street!


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