October the Eleventh

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2014-10-11 12.41.10So incase you were wondering the relevance of my blog’s name… it is because October the Eleventh is actually my birthday!

I wanted to do a post today even though it’s not in my normal Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday schedule (!) because if you can’t post on your blog’s namesake day then when can you?!
Above are a few of my lovely presents I got today πŸ™‚ Thoroughly spoilt I have to say! Most of them are from the boyf – he’s a good’un he really is!2014-10-11 11.51.50My day started with a cup of tea and eggs royale, cooked by the boyf (#chefnick) (Told you he was a good’un!)2014-10-11 11.52.18
2014-10-11 11.52.28Then I opened all my cards…2014-10-11 12.44.54
2014-10-11 12.45.09And then I started opening presents…2014-10-11 12.49.28First up from Nicholas was this Michael Kors watch. He bought me a rose gold one a couple years ago (pic here) and I’ve been after a silver one for a while now – I can’t wait to start wearing it! It does need a couple links out though so will have to see if Nick can adjust that for me.2014-10-11 12.47.44Funnily enough I managed to get two of these Gucci by Gucci perfumes from different people..! But hey, at least I’m gonna smell good, right..!?2014-10-11 12.46.08Another from Nick, I chose this bag myself in Topshop, so this was one I definitely knew about!2014-10-11 12.44.23These socks are soooo fluffy! Cant wait to wear them on chilly evenings πŸ™‚2014-10-11 12.42.30Lastly, pants! I’d been after some of these Superdry pants for a while, but they’re like Β£12 a pair so I’ve always resisted, but Nicholas picked me up some for my birthday bless him πŸ™‚2014-10-11 12.42.03As for the rest of my day, I’m currently still in my pjs (!) but I’ve got friends coming up to visit later and #chefnick is doing food. After that we’re going to be heading out to a cocktail bar in town – so excited! I’ll be doing a full post on the food and evening out, so keep your eyes peeled for that on Tuesday!


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