Aprés London – Birthday Cocktails!

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2014-10-11 20.56.46In case you didn’t know (have I not mentioned it enough…!?) it was my birthday this weekend. 🙂 My last post was a little present round up, but this one is all about the night out…

These beauties (among others) came up to visit me for some #chefnick food and then some cocktails in town.2014-10-11 19.06.45^^ Here’s the chef in question preparing our food.birthday1A hefty salad and burger buns ready and waiting for their beefy filling.2014-10-11 19.07.35We chatted, sipped on some wine and waited patiently for our dinner to be served.2014-10-11 19.08.05
2014-10-11 19.22.04Unfortunately we don’t actually have enough plates to cater for everyone, (there were around 9 of us eating in total), so some rather snazzy paper plates were purchased…!2014-10-11 19.21.55First up was the burger.2014-10-11 19.24.14Then an addition of #chefnick‘s incredible mac and cheese. It’s safe to say everyone was a fan of this.2014-10-11 19.24.06There were also more presents to open, I felt so spoilt!birthday51. Stace got me some Jimmy Choo perfume which I LOVE! I’d never smelt it before, but it’s divine. I’m not going to pretend that I can explain different perfume scents to you, because I really can’t, but this is what I would consider a daytime perfume, whereas the Gucci by Gucci perfume I got from Nick is much more of an evening scent. I think that’s as far as my perfume knowledge goes!
2. The little pop up pug is the cutest thing! It was from my friend Rach who we met once we were out, it took me a little while to work out how to put it together if I’m totally honest (!) but I got there in the end!
3. Just look at that adorable little make up bag from Laura! And leaning up against the bag is a mini mirror with a pug on it! #puglife (I need a hearts-for-eyes emoticon here!)
4. Lastly, champers!! Thanks Kayleigh! We all finished this off between us on Saturday night before we headed out 🙂2014-10-11 20.18.03Us girls started to get ready, and #chefnick (#barmannick?!) brought us in a cocktail each. Oh what would I do without him eh!2014-10-11 20.45.06We finished up our drinks, sipped on some of the birthday champers and then us four girls made our way to Aprés London in Mayfair. (The boys would be joining us shortly).2014-10-11 20.58.00My playsuit is from ASOS, and the shoes are from
We arrived, grabbed some cocktails and found our reserved area.2014-10-11 23.57.51
2014-10-11 21.42.47
2014-10-11 23.51.51Here’s Mrs Long, Blonde and Good Looking, with a cocktail of the same name 😉birthday2
2014-10-11 21.43.48
2014-10-11 21.48.38
2014-10-11 23.48.03
2014-10-11 22.12.07
2014-10-11 22.10.23I’m pretty sure these ^^ were Cosmo’s2014-10-11 23.52.09You know it Gatsby.2014-10-11 22.33.49Lots of others started to arrive bit by bit…2014-10-11 22.45.29It was so good to see everyone’s beautiful faces! 🙂2014-10-11 23.29.46
2014-10-11 22.29.39When I was deciding where to book for my birthday, I asked Caroline from Cocktails and Caroline, if she could recommend somewhere, and Aprés London was one of her suggestions. Once I’d decided, I tweeted Aprés and told them I was heading over for my birthday. When I arrived, the lovely lady who was in charge of their Twitter found me to say happy birthday, and then a mere 5-10 minutes later, over they came with a tray full of mini cocktails with a big ol’ sparkler in the middle! How nice! 🙂2014-10-11 22.15.00
2014-10-11 22.15.20
2014-10-11 22.15.27
2014-10-11 22.17.30Cheers!!birthday3Can we just take a moment to appreciate this… ^^ Rach you’re such a legend! 🙂2014-10-11 23.05.56The newly-weds! (Not to each other, I should add…!)2014-10-11 23.05.38
2014-10-11 23.48.44
2014-10-11 23.56.49
2014-10-11 23.57.30The actual newly-weds! ^^2014-10-11 23.58.04
2014-10-11 23.59.03Now I am absolutely in love with this drink! ^^2014-10-11 23.59.36It’s called the Heisenberg Highball. Geddit?? It’s blue! Like the meth on Breaking Bad! Ahhh, I love everything about this.

Heisenberg Highball
The cocktail that knocks
Alipus Mezcal (47.3%), blue curacao, lime, grapefruit & agave topped with soda
Served Long Bitch !

^^ This is genuinely what it says on the website!2014-10-12 00.00.00It’s not cheap, at £12 a pop, but as it was my birthday I asked the boyf very nicely if he’d get me one and he did bless him 🙂2014-10-12 00.46.15After we’d finished our Heisenbergs we headed downstairs. The great thing about Aprés London is that they also have a club room on the lower ground floor if you fancy a bit of dancing!2014-10-12 00.34.38And of course after a few cocktails that’s exactly what we fancied doing.2014-10-12 00.35.37
2014-10-12 00.35.23We danced the night away until our feet could dance no more, and back home we trotted to snuggle up in bed.birthday4Morning arrived and #chefnick resumed his duties, rustling us up sausages, bacon and eggs, which we gobbled up within moments.

I had THE BEST birthday, I was thoroughly spoilt by all and I’m so grateful to people for travelling up to see us and for everyone London-based who came out too. I really am so lucky to have such lovely friends as well as my perfect chef 😉
Love you all!


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