Eames Chairs – A Dining Furniture Switch-up

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2014-10-07 19.03.10A couple of weeks ago we had a bit of a switcheroo of our dining set-up. We love our table, but had never really been too fond of the chairs that came with it.
Enter: brand spanking new Eames chairs.

Our dining table and original chairs were a bargainous find from Cargo Homeshop around 18 months ago. We bought them on the day we moved into our old flat – they were a display model and reduced to just £300 for the set. We didn’t have any dining furniture yet and hadn’t found anything that we particularly liked, then on a whim we wandered into Cargo and there was our table slap bang in the middle of the store. We literally just picked it all up and walked it around the corner to our flat.
The set came with two chairs and a bench, however as I mentioned above we were never hugely keen on the chairs it came with. Personally I just didn’t like the black leather-look seat pads – I don’t know why, I just really didn’t like them!
It just so happened that one of the chairs decided to give up the ghost a few weeks ago, so there was our excuse to buy some new ones!chairsAbove you can see the old and new chairs as a comparison. I really like the idea of modern chairs paired with a more traditional table, (I think I can blame Pinterest for that one!) so we decided to go for it. I think we ended up getting ours from Amazon in the end, but you can also get them here for roughly the same price at just £69 for a pair.2014-10-07 19.04.51A lot of our furniture is white so we went with white chairs to tie in with everything else, but I really like the stark white against the warm wood, I think it works really well together.2014-10-07 19.00.10
2014-10-07 19.02.57^^These are actually our Christmas candles 🙂2014-10-07 19.02.45
2014-10-07 18.51.12The Eames chairs are quite iconic – original designs hail back to the 1950s, with some of the designs also featuring in Mad Men.2014-10-07 19.00.30Overall we’re really pleased with our little additions 🙂


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