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2014-10-13 14.32.11I’m bringing back my Top 5 feature after I started it oh such a long time ago! And since upgrading my phone, I’ve had a little app-sort-out, and I’ve come to realise which of these have remained in my Top 5…

First up we’re in the Photography folder ^^2014-10-13 14.32.501. Afterlight – 69p
A photo editing app – Think Instagram, but with waaay more filters. There are plenty of other things you can do with it too, but I tend to stick with just using the filters, or maybe adjusting brightness.
I first heard of this on Nouvelle Daily (they did a similar ‘favourite app’ feature) and I was intrigued, so quite unusually I bought it straight away (I don’t usually purchase apps – I tend to go for the free ones!) This has been a definite good buy though, I use it for basically every single photo I post to Instagram, so I’ve certainly had my moneys-worth on this one!

2. InstaSize – Free
When you have landscape/portrait photos that don’t quite fit the Instagram square, InstaSize will create a border around your image allowing you to display it at whatever size you’d like (example here).
This was another recommendation, this time from Media Marmalade. I’m a big fan of this, I’ve only recently downloaded it but used it a good few times already and it gives you a little extra scope with your Instagram posts.2014-10-13 14.35.02Moving on to Travel. Living in London, transport is key, so the following two apps are always handy:2014-10-13 14.35.273. Citymapper – Free
This basically shows you the best route to your destination, whether that be by bus, bike, tube, train or taxi, plus it allows time for walking to and from train/tube platforms which is always useful. One thing I would say is that sometimes it over-estimates how long your journey will take, but hey, at least that means you’ll be early rather than late right?!
Citymapper is also available in numerous cities across Europe and America, so if you’re lost abroad, I imagine this would be a good app to have!2014-10-13 14.36.414. Uber – Free
If you live in London and haven’t heard of Uber, where have you been?! It has revolutionised the city’s taxi service. The only thing you need to do is download the app and create an account. From there you can request a taxi from wherever you are and Uber will do the rest. They give you the name and picture of the driver, along with the registration, make and model of the car they’re driving and you can watch in real time as your taxi heads in your direction. Your journey will then get charged to the card that you registered with, so there’s no need to worry about having cash on you or fiddling about trying to pay on card when you arrive at your destination, you just hop out and Uber will email you a receipt a few minutes later. The other thing to mention is that they have different levels of taxis, starting with the Uber X – usually a Prius (which I should add is approximately 30% cheaper than a black cab!), then the Uber Exec – an E-Class, 5 Series or A6, and finally the Uber Lux – an S-Class, 7 Series or A8 (Each level varies in price, obviously). So if you’re feeling like a bit of a fancy pants, you could well be flouncing around London in a Mercedes S-Class. πŸ˜‰ As with Citymapper, Uber is also available in numerous cities across Europe and America.2014-10-13 14.39.09Next up, games. Because who doesn’t like a good game, right?2014-10-13 14.39.305. 2048 – Free
This one is what I’m currently hooked on. It’s so frustrating, but so addictive! If you don’t know the premise of the game, basically you swipe left, right, up or down to increase the numbers, (so if I swiped right on the image above, those two twos would make a four). You’ve got to do this until you get to 2048, but watch out, the grid can fill up quickly if you’re not careful, and soon you could be left with no two numbers to swipe together and then it’s game over! (You can play online here too!)
This image above is about as far as I’ve ever got – I’ve yet to make it to 2048…. *sad face*2014-10-13 14.50.09So that’s it for my Top 5 apps – apart from the obvious ones above, clearly… Where would we be without Instagram, Snapchat and the rest?!


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