My OnePiece Onesie

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2014-10-21 20.39.09So this is something that I have wanted for absolutely aaaaages…
A OnePiece onesie!
I was lucky enough to get a bit of money for my birthday, and a onesie has been on my wishlist for as long as I can remember, so I hopped on over to the OnePiece site and placed my order. I decided on the Original Onesie in Navy.2014-10-21 20.54.22It arrived folded ever so neatly in it’s own little bag…2014-10-21 20.53.27
2014-10-21 20.56.13I snatched it out of it’s packaging and pulled it on straight away, and oh my it is so comfy! But I mean,Β you wouldn’t expect any less, right?! πŸ™‚2014-10-21 20.39.58It has two open pockets on the front ^^ and then two zipped pockets on the side slightly further down as well.2014-10-21 20.48.15And the zipper zips all the way to the top of the hood… not sure why you’d need to do that but hey..! (Maybe for nap times?!)2014-10-21 20.41.08One thing I would say if you’re thinking of buying a OnePiece onesie, is have a good think about what size you’ll need. Bear in mind they’re unisex so the sizes might not translate quite as easily as you might think. I was a bit confused as to what size I’d need, so I tweeted OnePiece to see if they could help. They not only tweeted me back to advise me on a size but they also gave me a 15% discount code! I am all for tweeting businesses for help now as it’s worked out pretty well the last few times I’ve done so!
**FYI, I got a size Small in the end – I’m normally around a size 10 and wanted it to be baggy, so this was the size OnePiece advised and it’s just right!


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