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Flat Iron – Soho

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2014-10-22 19.47.06It had been quite a while since we last visited Flat Iron, so we felt it was high time we made another trip.
2014-10-22 20.19.46In case you weren’t aware, Flat Iron specialises in steak – specifically the ‘flat iron’ cut of steak. (Obvs.) They’ve recently opened up a second restaurant in London, on Denmark Street, which was where we headed this week. There’s normally a bit of a wait for a table, but stick with it, it’s worth it I promise. Plus if you leave your details with them you can go away and have a drink somewhere/do a bit of shopping and they’ll call you when it’s ready.2014-10-22 19.35.36When you sit down you’ll see that they’ve arranged the table with a big ol’ jug of water and a cup of popcorn, the latter of which prove to be extremely moreish when you’re deciding on what sides and drinks to accompany your steak.2014-10-22 19.35.24FYI: The steak knife is a mini cleaver…2014-10-22 19.35.11…which as it turns out you can actually purchase! We meant to buy a couple of these, but totally forgot – definitely next time!2014-10-22 19.38.23
2014-10-22 20.10.08What to have, what to have…2014-10-22 19.36.31The first decision was what to have to drink. On the cocktail menu we went for a Strawberry & Basil Collins and a Blood Orange Old Fashioned.2014-10-22 19.46.22I didn’t try Nick’s Old Fashioned, but I can tell you that the Strawberry & Basil Collins was delicious!2014-10-22 20.10.20Next decision was sides. We went for Dripping Cooked Chips, Creamed Spinach and Roast Aubergine.2014-10-22 19.47.06Hello!
I’m just going to be blunt here… Flat Iron sides are incredible. Literally some of the best things I’ve ever eaten. You know when you go out and choose a selection of food to share, there’s normally one dish which is your favourite? Well I don’t think I could pick one if you forced me. If anything I was trying to put as much of each into my mouth all at the same time. I gave it my best attempt anyway.2014-10-22 19.47.30We hadn’t tried the Roast Aubergine before and even #chefnick was curious as to how they made it taste so damn good.2014-10-22 19.45.58But c’mon, lets not forget the main event… ^^ The Steak. (The lighting is pretty dim in Flat Iron, so turns out it’s quite difficult to take a picture which is in focus!)
So… I’m pretty sure I can say this without any shadow of a doubt… this is the best steak I’ve ever eaten. There, I’ve said it. No going back now.2014-10-22 19.47.22I’m pretty sure I could just eat at Flat Iron every day for the rest of my life. Granted I’d be a full on roly poly, but I’d be sooo happy about it.
If you like steak and you’re near London, then you NEED to go to Flat Iron. It is so so so worth it.


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