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Wahaca – Soho

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2014-10-25 15.15.21This weekend I popped out for lunch with the lovely Claire. Admittedly we did try and go to The Breakfast Club, but there was a ginormous queue, so knowing that you can never go wrong at Wahaca, I suggested we went there instead.
There are lots of Wahacas in London now, they’re popping up all over the place! But it’s a good fail-safe if you’re not sure what you’d like, or if you just want something easy and reasonably priced.2014-10-25 14.11.29I absolutely love Wahaca, Mexican food is one of my favourites and I’ve never come out of Wahaca feeling disappointed (and believe me I’ve been enough times!).2014-10-25 15.16.26The decor is fun and bright and the whole atmosphere is cheery.2014-10-25 15.16.17
2014-10-25 15.12.51
2014-10-25 14.11.40Claire and I had a quick look at the menu and decided on the tortilla chips and guacamole to share, with hibiscus water and citrus fizz to drink (non-alcoholic), but I can recommend the hibiscus mojito if you’re after something alcoholic – it’s seriously good!2014-10-25 14.16.37
2014-10-25 14.16.53
2014-10-25 14.17.22
2014-10-25 15.12.23Food wise we went for the easy option (my decision-making is notoriously poor!) and opted for the Wahaca Selection.
Now from what I can gather this changes now and again, as what is listed on the website isn’t exactly what we had, although it was along the same lines.2014-10-25 14.40.35
2014-10-25 14.43.13This was chicken on a crunchy taco – probably my least favourite of the selection.2014-10-25 14.40.12These were pork (L) and vegetables (R) on soft tacos.
There was also a quesadilla, and then last but not least…2014-10-25 14.42.54The sweet potato taquitos – these were delicious. I could’ve eaten a whole meal of just these if I’m honest!

The whole bill came to around £27 for both of us, so just under £15 each. Pretty good value for the amount of food, as well as drinks and tortilla chips to start.

If you’re ever stuck for somewhere to eat, give Wahaca a go!


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