Pinspiration // Autumn Decor

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halloweenautumnI’ve become a bit obsessed recently with what I suppose you could call ‘holiday decor’.

Pinterest allows for a great deal of procrastination – and my chosen topics of procrastination of late have been Autumn and Halloween.
I mean look at all the pretty decorations! ^^ I’ve 100% decided that once we have our own actual house (as opposed to a flat) I’m definitely going to try and recreate the american-style porch decorations for each holiday (I think Pinterest has turned me American – ‘holiday’ c’mon Ceri!). I absolutely LOVE Halloween though and it saddens me greatly that I haven’t been able to dress up this year. 😦 Last year I managed to get my work to do a Halloween themed dress up day (you can see what I did here), but this year no such luck! I’ve been watching Nicole Guerriero’s tutorials constantly and I’m desperate to do a full-on make-up look (Little Red Rotting Hood was a seriously good one!) But alas, no dress up this year – waaah.

Anywho – I will just look forward to when I can go decoration and dress up crazy (not weird crazy, I’m talking ‘Pinterest-cool’ kinda crazy..! 😉 ) We can have Halloween/Christmas/New Year/Easter/Summer parties, and it will be awesome!


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