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Lunch at Seasons – Amersham

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2014-11-02 14.35.01This weekend we headed west to visit some of the boyf’s family. We arrived at about 1pm – just in time for lunch!

In case you didn’t know, Amersham is a little town in Buckinghamshire right at the west end of the Met line. It’s close to where Nick’s brother lives and not far from his mum’s either.
Buckinghamshire has always held a place in my heart (well, since I met Nick anyway!) as it’s where he grew up, and where I would come up to visit every weekend during the summer months when we were at uni. And of course where our first flat together was.
We often came into Amersham when I visited back in the uni days, it’s a lovely town and has lots of cute little trinket-y shops and an amazing home shop (although quite a pricey one!) which is a dream to walk around, even just for inspiration. There’s lots of pubs and places to eat too, with some good brunch/cafe style places – one of which is Seasons.2014-11-02 14.27.27We grabbed a window seat and sat to watch the world pass by..2014-11-02 14.29.55
2014-11-02 14.27.21A quick look and the menu and I’d decided what I was going for – an apple juice and eggs royale – yum!2014-11-02 14.28.48Seasons is a small cafe-style place with a varied selection of both savoury and sweet offerings.2014-11-02 14.29.27
2014-11-02 14.30.18The shelves are stacked with all sorts of treats and goodies to tempt you and the atmosphere is happy and friendly, no-one’s in any kind of hurry (and I say this as a positive thing!) – I sometimes forget what it’s like outside our fast paced London bubble! As much as I love London it is nice to head outside of that ‘M25 wall’ if you will, take a deep breath and relish the more chilled way of life once in a while.
People saunter by with dogs, babies, friends and family, just enjoying a leisurely Sunday afternoon, not a care in the world. It’s quite refreshing to watch.2014-11-02 14.33.56Soon the drinks arrive and then the food followed not long after. The staff here are so very friendly, and the food itself is delicious.2014-11-02 14.51.56I’d say it’s probably in the medium price bracket for a brunch/lunch venue, however the food is excellent and certainly worth the price, but you may end up bankrupt if you went everyday…!2014-11-02 14.52.40
2014-11-02 14.52.03Delicious!2014-11-02 15.34.57We trotted off with full bellies back to Nick’s mums house for the rest of the afternoon and then headed back to our London bubble early evening.

A very nice Sunday had by all πŸ™‚


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