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2014-10-13 16.19.45I don’t know about you, but I love a good nosey at other people’s stuff (with their permission of course!). Whether it be a make up collection, a wardrobe, hair products, orrr what it is that they carry around with them on a day to day basis…
So with that, I introduce you to my bag. This is my day-to-day work bag. It’s from Topshop and is priced at a pretty reasonable Β£38. You may remember it from this birthday post where I showed you a little look at some of my birthday presents, however I hadn’t stuffed it full of all my shenanigans yet had I? πŸ˜‰2014-10-13 16.52.28I know the whole ‘What’s in my bag?’ tag has become quite the sensation on YouTube, but I do remember a few years ago when (I’m pretty sure) it started out on blogs (correct me if I’m wrong!) and I think it still works really well in photo form, I mean just look at WIMH!2014-10-13 16.29.54So here we go, this is pretty much the entirety of what I carry in my bag to work on a daily basis. We’re missing of course a lunch box and a drink, but who wants to see that..?!2014-10-13 16.30.49I’m currently reading Gone Girl. I’m still trying to get used to not reading from my Kindle as the boyf’s mum lent me this in actual book-form (!). The only trouble is, its often quite cramped on the tube during my journey to work so reading an actual book whilst trying not to fall over does sometimes prove a bit tricky, but I’m getting there!
As for the book itself, I’m almost halfway through now, and it’s getting really good!Β Although I am a bit of a slow reader and my journey to work is actually pretty quick, so it’s taken me a while to get through it (I know, woe is me, right?!), so I started to read at homeΒ in the evenings as well.2014-10-13 16.31.34I’m so pleased with my new iPhone I can’t even tell you! I had the iPhone 4S for around 2 and a half years, and it was getting a little tatty, so I waited until Apple released the new iPhone and decided to go for it. I feel so snazzy with a brand new phone! I really wish people would start making cases for it though, it’s a pretty slippery phone (!) and I’m constantly terrified of dropping it…2014-10-13 16.31.13I’ve had this purse for a while now, it’s from River Island, (similar here & here). I’m actually a big fan of their purses, they always seem to do ones with enough room to fit all of my rubbish in πŸ™‚2014-10-13 16.30.59I recently got new glasses, if you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen these already here. I went to Specsavers as they had a 2 for 1 offer on all glasses over Β£69. These particular ones were bang on at Β£69, I still need to go back and choose my second pair, but they’ll be free. Not bad eh?2014-10-13 16.54.55This adorable Ted Baker make up bag was another birthday gift which I spoke about in my second birthday post, I absolutely love Ted Baker bags and purses and they do the cutest iPad cases too, they’re so good it almost makes me want to buy an iPad… Okay maybe that’s a bit unnecessary…2014-10-13 16.54.32
2014-10-13 16.59.22As you can see, this holds all the little bits and bobs that tend to get lost in the bottom of your bag. Lip balms, lipsticks, paracetamol, nail file, mirror, you know the drill.
And that’s all folks!
On a side note…
The funny thing is, since getting a couple of new bags and a couple pairs of new shoes for my birthday, the shoe/bag shelves have somewhat overflowed… We actually discussed the possibility of purchasing another set of shelves at some point soon… So there might be a further update on that a little bit sooner than I’d thought! Keep your eyes peeled… πŸ˜‰


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  • What a pretty bag, you have so much stuff in there! πŸ˜› I have an iphone too and I love it. I have the 5c… I really want the new one but OH WELL, this girl is too cheap (*ahem* too poor) to buy a new one right now πŸ˜›


    • Teehee I know πŸ˜‰ ah the 5Cs are cool – they came out before my contract was up though so couldnt get that or the 5S at first. Figured I’d just wait for the 6 πŸ™‚ x

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