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Chico Bandito – Shoreditch

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2014-11-04 21.46.19Kayleigh was back in town this week so as always, I grabbed her for as much time as possible before she headed back down south.
2014-11-04 19.48.46Nick had recommended a place called Chico Bandito, in between Old Street and Shoreditch High Street stations, so we headed there on Tuesday evening for a spot of Mexican food.
I’m noticing a bit of a theme on the blog of late – a lot of burgers and a lot of Mexican food! I guess the two are probably my favourite foods, so hey I’m gravitating to that style of food when I go out!2014-11-04 21.46.11
2014-11-04 19.48.08I arrived at the restaurant at about 20 to 7, and luckily enough they have a happy hour which doesn’t finish until 7, so I quickly popped my order in for a mojito – standard!2014-11-04 19.48.53
2014-11-04 20.37.53
2014-11-04 19.48.20We had a quick look at the menu – Nick had highly recommended the fajitas, so that’s what I went for:2014-11-04 20.05.03
2014-11-04 20.05.24Just look at that. ^^ Sooo good.
The wraps came in a separate little pot – a little like the ones you get in a Chinese restaurant when you order duck and pancakes (you know what I’m on about) and it was a DIY affair as fajitas always are.2014-11-04 20.05.32Kayleigh went for the burrito. ^^ I mean seriously, how good does that look! FYI she said it was delicious.
We did notice that neither of us spoke a word while we were eating – so that must’ve meant it was good!2014-11-04 19.50.20The meal out was actually a birthday treat from Kayleigh – bless her 🙂2014-11-04 21.47.29Kayleigh was working up in town for 2 days this week and was staying at ours, so this meant that she had a little more time on her hands as she didn’t have to rush back home. So because of this we decided to head out for a drink after dins. Nick had recommended a place to go so we wandered over and had a peek in but decided we didn’t fancy it – it seemed to just be jam packed full of blokes watching football on massive screens – and we didn’t particularly fancy that so went for a wander and came across a cocktail/wine bar not too far away.2014-11-04 22.14.04This place was called Rocket.
It all started off really well – we bought our wine, settled at a table and carried on chatting.2014-11-04 22.13.52There was even a wine wall – which FYI we both decided we would totally have in our own houses.2014-11-04 22.18.29HOWEVER – as I said, it started well, but that was before we spotted a freakin’ mouse running across the floor! Lets just say we didn’t stick around much longer after that. Gross! I requested an Uber, and we high-tailed it out of there!
It was quite odd really because the bar seemed quite swish when we first arrived, but if there are mice running around the bar, who knows what’s it’s like in the kitchen – I can safely say I won’t ever be choosing to eat there after that! Although we did say that maybe it was like Ratatouille?! LOL.
But, I don’t want to end on a negative, and Chico Bandito was soooo good! The food was absolutely delicious, I would 100% recommend it if you’re a fan of Mexican food – plus they have happy hour from 3pm – 7pm – what’s not to like!? 😉


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