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Scotland – November 2014

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2014-11-08 16.30.42This weekend I hopped on a plane up to Scotland to visit some of the fam.
If you follow me on Instagram you may know this already 😉

FYI – when I mention I have family in Scotland people tend to assume that that means that I’m Scottish – I’m actually not, as much as the red hair might have you believe!
I love going up to Scotland, but I don’t always have the time and/or money to do so, so it’s often difficult to arrange something. However on this occasion I managed to find flights with Ryanair for £30! I kid you not.
I usually end up paying around £140 for flights which is ridiculous really, when you think you could probably get cheaper flights going abroad. The £30 I paid didn’t cover hold baggage, it would have been an extra £30 to carry a bag in the hold, but still £60 is way below what I normally pay.
If I’m honest I thought I would struggle with just hand luggage, but Ryanair allow you to carry a larger bag as well as a small handbag in to the cabin. I ended up packing quite a modest bag, but it turns out I could’ve gotten away with a much bigger one! Ah well, I’ll know for next time!

Friday was a chilled day, lazing by the fire, but Saturday we headed out to Perth for a bit of shopping and lunch.2014-11-08 14.00.10We went to a place called Pig Halle – a french restaurant just off the high street in Perth.2014-11-08 14.47.49
2014-11-08 13.54.33They brought us over some bread and pate to begin with and we had a nibble whilst we looked at the menu.2014-11-08 13.54.46
2014-11-08 14.47.38We decided on Steak Tartare to start.2014-11-08 14.07.53It was presented really well, and although I’ve seen steak tartare presented this way before I’ll admit it wasn’t what I was expecting! I’d had the dish before – at Riding House Cafe – and it came out as small slices with a salad garnish, so I was kind of expecting that, but this was very different actually, I still cant decide how I felt about it..!2014-11-08 14.29.24Next up were the mains, with Coq Au Vin and then Braised Beef for me.2014-11-08 14.29.13It was a very rich meal and I have to say I was full quite quickly, plus my patience with getting meat off a bone is almost zero, so I was struggling a little! But the flavours were lovely and it certainly kept me going for the rest of the day!2014-11-08 14.47.30We went for the fixed lunch menu which was only actually £11.90 for two courses – such good value! Plus the staff were very friendly and attentive throughout the meal. I think I’m so used to London prices that it was a bit of a shock to be honest!2014-11-09 19.59.31Saturday evening and Sunday were spent relaxing again – it’s so nice just to take some time out from work and just do nothing in particular, catching up with family, reading a book, and just curling up by the fire, It was so good to just chill.2014-11-08 16.34.07The house has such a family atmosphere, there are happy vibes running throughout, and the little trinkets in each nook and cranny make it so homely and warm.2014-11-08 16.35.33
2014-11-08 16.33.36It’s a way of life that I would hope to emulate when I have a family of my own – easy going and relaxed with happy kids and happy dogs, what more could you ask for?2014-11-08 16.33.03The cupcakes were yummy FYI 🙂2014-11-08 16.32.50Scotland is one of a select few places that holds a huge part of my heart, and I’m hoping that I can use these Ryanair flights to my advantage to visit as much as I can.
They’ll never get rid of me now..! 😉


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