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Reverend JW Simpson – Goodge Street

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2014-11-12 19.20.53It was Wednesday evening and Kayleigh was in town, so we decided to pop for a drink.

A guy at work recommended a place called Reverend JW Simpson, on Goodge Street, so we met there after work.
It’s a small bar located behind a fairly inconspicuous black door – so much so that I walked past it a couple of times before I realised where it was!2014-11-12 19.21.00Kayleigh got there just before me and was presented with a bag of popcorn and one of these. ^^ I can’t for the life of me remember what they’re called – but we used to make them all the time at school ๐Ÿ™‚ย This one was basically a grown-up version which helped you to make a decision on your cocktail order – bloody genius if you ask me!2014-11-12 19.20.36
2014-11-12 19.34.57
2014-11-12 19.35.16The bar was decorated as if it had been stripped out and not quite finished, which sounds a bit weird, but it looked pretty cool. We couldn’t actually work out if that was the case and they’d just half stripped it out or if it was fully intentional… so we asked – turns out it was intentional!2014-11-12 19.35.33
2014-11-12 19.22.15We started off with a wine, Kayleigh went for red and I went for white.2014-11-12 19.21.41All the wines were really reasonably priced, starting at just ยฃ4.50, and they tasted pretty damn good!2014-11-12 19.22.00Next up we went for a cocktail – Kayleigh decided on an Aphrodite Sour and I went for a Port in a Storm. Both were delicious!2014-11-12 19.41.35
2014-11-12 19.54.45
2014-11-12 19.40.56We were sat in a little nook right by the stairs – we chatted and watched a wealth of different people flit in an out over the 2 or 3 hours we were there – old, young, fancy, not so fancy (!) all meeting friends and loved ones for a chilled evening drink.
We talked about how we hoped we’d be doing the same kind of thing when we’re old – just catching up with each others lives and chilling with a drink ๐Ÿ™‚2014-11-12 19.35.23Lastly we had a final wine before we departed, this time both opting for red.2014-11-12 20.43.04I’m a relatively new red wine drinker, but I’m definitely a fan now! I just don’t know a huge amount about which red wines are good, I just sort of pick one and hope for the best! It’s so nice in the winter though – and it’s making me even more excited for mulled wine!2014-11-12 20.43.52Kayleigh gave me a little tip though – apparently the deeper the groove/dent in the bottom of the wine bottle, the nicer the wine! I think I might just have to give that a try ๐Ÿ˜‰2014-11-12 20.06.10Reverend JW Simpson,
32 Goodge Street,


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