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Friday Fun

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2014-11-14 22.05.48Friday night started with wine and beer and ended with burgers. Can’t go wrong with that.

But first, we met these two beauts at the Fitzroy Tavern after work.2014-11-14 20.30.39
2014-11-14 20.31.13
2014-11-14 20.32.29Enjoyed a few beverages outside…2014-11-14 20.32.05Then moseyed onwards for a spot of food.2014-11-14 21.18.19
2014-11-14 21.18.35Originally we planned to go to Yalla Yalla, but there was a rather long queue (this seems to be a bit of a theme… I’m just too impatient to wait!)2014-11-14 21.24.31So the obvious choice was Byron. Clearly.
I’ve spoken about Byron before here, where I told you it was my favourite burger place in London (this hasn’t changed!) and now as it’s coming up to Christmas they’ve brought back the Cheesemas…2014-11-14 21.24.17However, we didn’t go for the Cheesemas this time around, but don’t worry, we have another trip planned for next week, so I will fill you in on alllll the juicy Cheesemas-ness very soon! (Here’s a picture of last year’s if you can’t wait that long!)2014-11-14 21.24.57
2014-11-14 21.25.12We had a quick scan of the menu (I always know exactly what I’m getting in Byron) and then made our order.2014-11-14 21.39.24Drinks first, and Nick went for a Boilermaker – a beer with a side shot of whisky… who knew?2014-11-14 21.48.00
2014-11-14 21.42.34
2014-11-14 21.39.16I went for the Cheese, with blue cheese, then we had Mac & Cheese and Courgette fries on the side to share.2014-11-14 22.05.48Heaven.
Well, apart from that gherkin – bleurgh – I instantly give that to Nick each time. You’ll never catch me eating a gherkin that’s for sure.2014-11-14 22.05.55The Mac & Cheese is DIVINE.2014-11-14 22.06.02Nick went for the Smoky – looks pretty good!2014-11-14 22.06.14Ohh, courgette fries you are to die for.
FYI – dipped in mayonaise they are unreal.2014-11-14 21.46.37A blummin’ good way to spend a Friday night if you ask me. Plus we got to see the blonde bombshells ^^ πŸ˜‰


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