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Christmas PinspirationFollowing on from my previous Autumn-themed Pinspiration post, I thought it was about time for a Winter/Christmas-themed version!

I have been obsessing a little over Christmas decorations this year (nothing new I s’pose!). Last year was our first Christmas in our own place so I went a bit mad buying decorations, but really we only have a few tree decorations and not much else, so I decided I’d really like to pick up a few bits that I can put up elsewhere in the flat.

I’m really liking the white themed Christmas decor, last year we went with an orange accent on our tree, as that’s the colour scheme of our lounge, but this year I think I’d like to add much more white into the equation. I think I’ll just have to see how it all looks together as to whether I include many of the orange ones. I did get some really nice ones from Libertys and John Lewis last year though so I don’t want to just not use them – maybe I can create some kind of centrepiece involving baubles (as per the pin 3rd in on the bottom row above!).

I went to the Christmas Ideal Home Show yesterday – I’ve got a post coming up on Sunday all about that, so I won’t give too much away! 😉 But if you think you’d like to go too, then hurry as it’s only on ’til Sunday! Anywho, I managed to pick up a few more decorations there – a couple more baubles, some Christmassy ornaments and a couple of little Santas. I think I will probably do a post on all our Christmas decorations once I’ve put them all up – so that post will probably go up around the second week in December. 🙂

I’m just so excited for Christmas now! (It’s probably the thought of getting decorations more than anything! Oh and #chefnick does a mean beef wellington at Christmas time – it’s probably the best thing I’ve ever eaten!) But for now, Pinterest has been keeping me happy with all it’s Christmas inspiration and ideas. 🙂

You can catch me pinning lots of bits and bobs here!


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