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Bournemouth Christmas Market

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2014-11-22 18.22.56Last weekend I hopped on the coach at Victoria and headed south to Bournemouth to see these beauties. ^^
Sarah (left) is a dancer and is heading off on tour again in Europe this Christmas so we wanted to all get together beforehand and have a girly day.
We had an agenda for the day which went as follows:
2pm – My coach arrived and I grabbed some lunch with Laura
3pm – We headed over to our friend Ollie’s for the premiere of Laura and Rob’s wedding video (spoiler alert – it was amazing!)
4:30pm – Us girls made our way to the Christmas bar in Bournemouth for mulled wine and then some food!2014-11-22 19.10.51Some joker wanted to get in on the photo… ^ 🙂2014-11-22 19.10.45This thing moved and spoke believe it or not…!2014-11-22 18.18.18We swiftly made our way into the queue and ordered our mulled wine – this one was much better than the one I had at the Ideal Home Show thankfully!2014-11-22 18.25.12They came in these adorable mugs. ^^ You had to pay a £2.50 deposit for these though – I presume they have a lot of people trying to nab them!2014-11-22 18.28.29
2014-11-22 18.48.54A quick trip to the Alps with Sarah and Kayleigh… 🙂2014-11-22 18.24.20Teehee ^^ It’s the immature humour that makes me laugh the most you see… 😀2014-11-22 19.12.08
2014-11-22 19.11.42Not sure how much you can see here, ^^ but Santa is climbing a telephone pole…
After we’d had our fill of mulled wine, we decided it was time for some food. So we kept it simple and headed to Slug and Lettuce (it was the 2 for 1 cocktails that swung it..!)2014-11-22 22.02.41Funnily enough we all decided to go for some form of mojito.
Can you guess what I had to eat?2014-11-22 19.53.05Yeah, it was a burger. No surprise there.2014-11-22 19.53.11Kayleigh had a butternut squash lasagne,2014-11-22 19.53.17Lucy had a chicken pie, the others had some pasta dishes amongst others.
2014-11-22 20.44.46Moving on to the next cocktail, this one was called a Metropolitan – a relation to the Cosmopolitan but with a twist, although I can’t for the life of me remember what that twist was… tasted good though!2014-11-22 20.45.36Cheers!
Lastly we opted for a bottle of Prosecco. Can’t go wrong with that can you.
2014-11-22 22.15.02
2014-11-22 22.15.50Kayleigh did the honours and we sipped on our bubbles until they were all gone.
We headed back to Sarah’s for a while (my home for the night), had some wine and watched a bit of TV, then people began to head home and Sarah and I decided it was bed time. (Not until we watched a couple of episodes of Friends though 🙂 )

I love my girlies – you guys are the best! We’ll miss you Sarah, but we know you’ll smash it out there! 😉


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