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The Cheesemas – Byron

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2014-11-25 20.07.02“The party’s on, the feelin’s here, that only comes, this time of year, simply having a wonderful Cheesemas time…”

Burger fans, listen up: Byron’s annual tradition is back, and it’s better than ever. Last year’s Triple Cheesemas is now the Holy Cheesemas.2014-11-25 20.07.34I imagine the name change is because it now has more than 3 cheeses in it, so the ‘triple’ Cheesemas is no more.2014-11-14 21.24.43Now this isn’t going to be a picture heavy post, because quite frankly I was too busy eating it to take photos. It would have absolutely put me off my game. And yes, this is serious business.
It’s become a bit of a yearly tradition for Nick and I – the Cheesemas is a challenge we must face and conquer each Christmas. I should probably add, it’s more of a challenge for me, Nick just inhales burgers and managed to eat his in around 2 minutes flat, then set about demolishing the sides as well. I however, take slightly longer, the Cheesemas itself is enough to fill me up, let alone attempting any sides as well. But as I said, this is serious stuff, and I will not be beaten.2014-11-25 20.07.14A little wine to gear me up, and then the beast arrives. I don’t even stop for a drink in between – liquids would take up valuable Cheesemas space you see – plus after about 3 bites in I’m absolutely covered in sauce. (So much so that I even had some in my hair – much to Nick’s amusement).2014-11-25 20.07.08I have to say, if this was just a single patty I would enjoy it immensely, however the double patty is less about enjoyment and more about the challenge. The burger itself is absolutely delicious, but after a certain point the struggle hits, the deliciousness is forgotten and the challenge takes over.
I finished it last year, so there was no way I wasn’t going to finish it this time. I soldiered through, feeling a little like I was on an episode of Man vs Food (Nick started throwing out some motivational chants at this point) and finally I got to the very last mouthful… and boom, last mouthful went in and I was almost ready to leap with joy, until dread set in… I’d been a bit ambitious with that last mouthful you see, it really should have been two mouthfuls but I went for one and I was struggling to finish it… then for one of the longest 30 seconds of my life I honestly thought that due to pure volume of food, I was going to chunder. Nick saw it in my eyes as panic set in, I was searching for the closest exit out of there, but also hoping that I might be able to save it… However, I’d come this far, I wasn’t going to fail now. So I gave myself a talking to, and a couple of minutes later the burger was no more – success! We headed home and I fell into what can only be described as a burger coma on the sofa.
Cheesemas conquered!2014-11-25 20.07.20Until next year!


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