Home Decor Wishlist

home decor wishlist jpegThere’s always a few things on my home decor list, so today I’ve rounded up everything that I’m currently lusting after…

I’m noticing a bit of a theme in the neutral colours here..!

First up, the knotted ropes are doorstops, and we currently need (or should I say, I would like) 1 remaining doorstop for our flat. All our doors are self-closing (is that the right term?!) and I bought a really cute pug doorstop *of course* for our bedroom door and we have my big sweet-jar of pennies for the lounge, so we just need one for the bathroom (we always need to pin open the door after showers so that the room can de-steam). I’ve seen these knotted ones in Zara Home and a few other places so at some point I will get round to picking one up!

Secondly a console table. Now I’ve been desperate for one to go in our hallway by the front door basically ever since we moved in. But all the ones I like seem to be from American stores and therefore have a ginormous shipping fee on top of the retail price *sad face*. I’m not sure whether this is something that will ever come to fruition or not, but I will keep looking, so you never know!

I’m loving the idea of trays on coffee tables, I think they make a really interesting edition to the table and bring in a bit of texture and colour depending on what kind of thing you go for. I’ve mentioned before that we have a lot of white furniture, and I do think it we ought to bring in a few more contrasting colours and textures to break things up a bit. Maybe once Christmas is over I’ll have a browse through the January sales..!

Rugs. I do love a rug. We have one under our coffee table in the lounge at the moment and it was a bargain at £25 from Ikea, buuuut it’s white and after 18 months it has gotten pretty grubby around the edges, despite our best efforts to clean it on numerous occasions. So I think we’ve come to the conclusion that we should get a new one which is more of a grey/beige colour – something that won’t show up the dirt basically! We have a dark grey sofa so we need something that is in between dark grey and white, so it will match with the sofa and the furniture..!

The bar cart. Oh you know I’ve mentioned this so many times, I will get one of these eventually I just need to find one I like that doesn’t cost a million pounds… not too much to ask right?!

Lastly the Ikea Billy bookshelves (or should I say shoe shelves). We’ve decided to add another of these to our collection, so again this is something that we’ll definitely be getting at some point, but just need to get round to ordering. As we no longer have a car, getting bits and bobs from Ikea proves somewhat difficult, although I still reckon we could just get an Uber XL back from Ikea, they’ll fit a bookcase in right?!

I’ll be sure to update if and when we do get any of these pieces 🙂


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