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2014-10-25 19.29.54Ever since we moved, I have to say (as weird as it may sound!) the bathroom has become my favourite room…
I think this is purely because I’ve never really had a nice bathroom before, anywhere. #FirstWorldProblems right? 😉
Growing up, the shower would just dribble on you and you’d just have to hope that it was enough to rinse the shampoo out of your hair properly! Then moving to uni, the bathroom in halls was actually ok (it was en-suite, so I kept it nice!) but once we moved into a house in second and third year the bathroom always ended up gross because no-one wanted the job of cleaning it! When I moved in with Nick and his mum the bathroom was lovely, but there was never anymore than about 5 minutes of hot water, which made the hair washing days extremely difficult! Plus the toilet took about 4 attempts before it would actually flush! (Delightful!). When we moved into our last flat, the bathroom was the only room that I actually hated..! There wasn’t actually anything wrong with the way it functioned, it was just a really grey and grim room, and there was a shower curtain over the bath (my number 1 pet peeve in a bathroom!) Since moving to our current flat, because it’s a fairly new build, everything is modern and clean, and I’m just so happy about it! I will even have a bath in it – which is basically unheard of!2014-10-25 19.30.14So, back on point (!) I thought I’d do a little round up of the details in my favourite room – the bits and pieces which I think help to bring it all together as well as some of the products I’ve been using recently.
The glass jars and tray are from John Lewis – you can find them here – I love these, they’re really simple, but add just a touch of elegance.2014-10-25 19.29.42I love the fact that we have enough room to stack spare towels (there’s actually nowhere else we could put them, so it’s a good job really!) someone actually said that it reminded them of a hotel – I’ll take that!
The little duck was from my old manager at my previous job as a little housewarming gift when we moved into our previous place – I think you can pick these up in John Lewis too – so cute!2014-10-25 19.31.19I have a pot of Baylis & Harding body butter on the side along with some Philosophy Snow Angel body lotion – I think these were both gifts actually, they’ve lasted such a long time. The Snow Angel in particular smells lovely – I tend to use it as a hand cream more than anything else really.
Nick is a huge fan of Molton Brown – which means now I am too! So we have the Blu Maquis hand wash and I don’t think we can go back to anything else now… *sigh*2014-10-25 19.32.43I’m currently using Wella Enrich shampoo with a Colour Recharge conditioner in warm red – although I’m not entirely convinced that the conditioner really does anything to my colour, so I think I might go for a different one next time.2014-10-25 19.33.25Lastly, this is just a little basket which hold a few extra bits which don’t quite fit in the wicker drawers below. Namely cleansers and spare razor blades!

I’m just hoping that we haven’t peaked too early with this bathroom… I’m going to measure every future bathroom against this one so they’ve got a lot to live up to! 😉


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