Pinspiration // The Bar Cart

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BarCartOkay, so I may have mentioned once or twice before that I’d quite like a bar cart…
This is one from the wishlist which has been pretty much completely fuelled by Pinterest… ah well! I’m absolutely loving all the bar cart trinkets, and especially some of the alcohol related art too. I can just see a little corner of our flat being complete with cart, accessories and wall art ready for many a cocktail to be concocted 🙂

I’m desperate to find a bar cart that suits our decor but isn’t a million pounds. There are so many nice ones out there but they all seem to cost a bomb. I know Kate over at Gh0stparties got hers from Gumtree so I’ve been trying to keep an eye out on there every now and again. We’ve fashioned a sort of bar set-up at the moment using two sections of our Ikea Expedit shelves – one for glasses and cocktail equipment and one for the alcohol – which works fairly well, but I’d really like to make more of a feature of it with our own bar cart.

One day there will be a post on here entitled Our Bar Cart, just you wait! 😉


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